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New Land Rover Defender

No any other model of Land Rover release can attract the attention of fans more than Defender’s release. Just like every generation of iPhones is almost leaked by the “pig teammates” accessory suppliers, the Defender appearance that strictly guarded against by Land Rover public relations team was also leaked out by partners. Some websites leaked the latest LEGO technology suite package drawings. The look of the new Defender took in everything in a glance。

But just as you know the iPhone in advance every year, you will still be watching the press conference hosted by Timothy Donald Cook on the computer one day in September. The official release of the new Defender is still worth your expectation. The reason is simple: this is Defender’s first generation in thirty-six years, and this is also the best Defender ever.

The new Defender is a classic Defender and the most diverse Defender

Although it may exceed some people’s emotional cognition, Land Rover Defender was not called Defender at first. As the successor to the Series of Military Vehicles, Land Rover Defender’s earliest naming was also very functional: 90 and 110. Refers to the wheelbase lengths of the two models: 90 inches and 110 inches.

The new Defender continues the two classic body versions of the 90 and 110 with wheelbases of 2587mm and 3022mm respectively. The former’s short wheelbase provides the most extreme off-road performance, while the latter strikes a perfect balance between off-road performance and space.

The classic Defender is not only the ultimate off-road representative of the Land Rover family, but also a model of vehicle diversity. Not only different body length versions are available, but also different body forms such as hard tops, soft tops and pickups. The new Defender is even more crowning in terms of diversity. Land Rover also offers four different personalization accessory pack for the new Defender: Adventure Set, Expedition Set, Jungle Set and Urban Set, which correspond to the different lifestyles of different owners. Other Brands’ design kits may be only distinguish between appearance and interior, but the new Defender’s kits offer new features for the vehicle, such as the adventure kit with an extra-vehicle storage compartment at the C-pillar position and the expedition kit has a ladder that can be folded. In addition to this, there are more than 170 official accessories that allow the owner to personally assemble the vehicle as he wants. It can be said that the new Defender is not only the most equipped Defender ever, but even if it is aimed at the entire Land Rover family, there is no second model that can do such a rich customization.

Who said that the load-bearing body can not be a cross-country?

The new Defender uses Land Rover’s latest D7x body architecture. With a lightweight, all-aluminum architecture, the integrated carrier body allows the Defender’s maximum torsional rigidity to reach 30,000 Nm/kWh. Some people may taunt: How did he claim to be a hard-core off-road vehicle with the load-bearing body? But if the defender’s physical strength is ten times that of a normal unloaded body and three times that of the best unloaded body?

Off-road performance is the main technology of Defender, and Land Rover will never compromise on this. The new Defender body height is 20mm higher than Land Rover’s existing line of large SUVs. The position of components such as new batteries and cooling circuits is optimized. To maximize the shortening of the front and rear of the car, the approach angle and the departure angle are 38 degrees and 40 degrees respectively. The longitudinal passing angle also reached 28 degrees (31 degrees for the 90 model). The 45-degree slope and side slopes are a piece of cake for the new Defender.

Land Rover added the Land Rover All Terrain Manager for the second generation of intelligent all terrain adaptive feedback system, which was first adapted to the Defender model. Off-road enthusiasts can more accurately customize the full terrain parameters of the vehicle. Adjustable configurations include: engine intake, steering wheel steering, differential lock, traction control, and more.

The new Defender not only has a wading depth of up to 900mm, but also adds a wading mode to the all-terrain feedback adaptation system, making it easier for drivers to cope with deep-water environments.

The air suspension helps to improve the handling and comfort of the Defender four-wheel drive system, as well as the all-terrain capability. In off-road mode, the height of the car can be increased by 75mm, ensuring maximum comfort in any terrain. If necessary, the air suspension can also raise the height of the car by 70mm and the total lifting height is 145mm. It can be said that there is almost no road condition to beat the car.

On the functionality, no one can compare with Defender

The exterior design is a huge challenge for the new Defender designers, and the interior designer is also under pressure. Although the classic Defender interior has almost no function, but as a full-fledged model, In any detail, the new Defender can’t be messed up.

“Modularity” and “Function First” are the goals set by the new Defender at the beginning of the design. Open the door of Defender, you will first be surrounded by a rich industrial style. The central control area integration and the coating of magnesium alloy beams are not only full of hard style, but also have a varied layout. Thanks to the placement of the shift lever on the right side of the steering wheel, this gives the central control area a variety of possibilities. You can either choose to install the storage module or choose to install the third seat.

The new Defender second-row seat back can be reclined in a 40:20:40 ratio to maximize the flexibility of the interior. The load rail on the trunk floor is equipped with a series of load-fixing fittings to prevent smaller items from moving inside the trunk. A lockable, corrosion-resistant steel safe is attached to the trunk rail for extra protection, enough to hold laptops, tablets and other valuables. In addition, all Defender models come with a lockable 5.8-litre glove box and deeper door storage.

As a model for the wilderness, Defender’s interior materials are made of innovative materials and the interior trims add nano-coating. Even after thousands of kilometers of long-distance travel, it keeps lasting bright as new. The car mat is made of rubber for easy cleaning.

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