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Mind Your Steps: Install Aoonuauto’s Stylish LED Door Sill to Avoid Accidents

In our lifetime, most of us would have surely encountered problems like accidentally stepping into the muck or water puddle just because you couldn’t figure out what’s beneath your car door before you stepped out or climbed in. Also, many a time you would have opened the wrong car door because you couldn’t make out which side of the car during those dark hours. Have you also unintentionally broken someone’s nose standing beside you while opening the car door after having a great time with them at dinner?

Well, these embarrassing accidents are common to happen during the night time when the visibility is almost zero. Aoonuauto has a cool range of accessories to make you end all your worries related to such misadventures. Thus, using an exterior door sill plate at the threshold of your doors would be a one-stop solution for a relaxed and safe outing with your loved ones.

It is crucial to buy this wonderfully useful accessory for your cars because it has some striking attributes, as follows:

Much equipped LED door sills

The LED door sill is made up of a Japanese acrylic material perfect for installing on all four doors of your loving vehicles. The LED s are of 12V voltage and have the current of less than 0.5 A that illumines the lights very softly yet so bright as soon as they light up.


It creates a Hyun-cool effect inside and outside your car and looks incredibly pleasant. This popular LED door sill set is available myriad colors- red, yellow, blue, green, white, rose red and multi-color which can be opted as per your wish. These colors are the best guiding factors into the car for a safe entry.

Easy going material for tough use

Planning a road trip with family? Shed all your anxieties as soon as you gear up your beautiful automotive with this ancillary. This material is so quite durable and is certified IP 67 water-resistant which doesn’t get dilapidated in quality even when you inadvertently spill liquid on it.

The technology that is used is anti-scratching and anti-corrosion in nature, therefore, this accessory is eternally immune from any spilling accidents. Even if your shoes are marshy or wet and you climb on entry sills, then also its brightness doesn’t compromise thus still showing you a clear way ahead of you.

Easy stepping up

Usually, in big cars like an SUV, this could be the most important upgrade. It is highly useful for small children because they might already be facing problems on climbing up thus raising chances of accidentally falling down. These illuminated door sills are worthy of installation as they let children glide inside smoothly.

For the elderly, like your parents or grandparents who are traveling with you at night time, it gets tough to look out for the car entry door. These soothing lights will surely guide them to settle inside the car safely.

Thus, these are not just other shiny and gorgeous looking accessories but power-packed with high performance and greater utility. This accessory by Aoonuauto is economical and affordable and has loads of accompanying benefits. This can be the ideal choice for your next purchase that shall be installed in your car for safer and smoother drives during night, and it eventually cut down all risks of accidents.

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