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Mid-mounted 4-Wheel Drive 5-speed Two-door Supercar

Mid-engine, four-wheel drive, five-speed manual transmission, two doors, and the whole car weighs less than 700 kilograms. Based on the above conditions, can you guess which car it is?

Well, the answer is revealed. It is a Suzuki Carry. Although all conditions sound like a fun two-seater sports car, it is actually used for soliciting goods.

Little horse pulling a big vehicle?
The driving pleasure may not be as good as expected, but the car itself is also fun enough. Let us take a look at what the owner Jay has done to it.

There is a “25 years” law in the United States, which means that old cars over 25 years old can be imported legally. So in 2017, Suzuki Carry just met this regulation. Jay couldn’t wait to buy the car from Japan and shipping it across the ocean to Hawaii.

“It will be delivered by sea in about a month.”
“I have always had the idea of refitting the body kit of Suzuki Carry. I originally wanted to buy the body kit from Japan. However, the price and shipping cost are not cheap, and it is not a Suzuki Carry special model. And the seller has never responded.”
It will take a lot of money to buy a body kit, and the body kit requires major modifications to fit the body. If it’s such a hassle then I might as well design and manufacture it myself. Suddenly there was a new idea in Jay’s mind.

“The manufacturing of the body kit is relatively simple and boorish, and there are not many difficulties. The main ones are paper drafts, glass fiber reinforced plastics, dusting, polishing, and oil spraying. Basically learn by doing, and the key is to be patient, because it will definitely take a lot of time.”

“In addition, the wheels of this kind of old car are more difficult to find. I think it must match the design style of the 80s to meet the overall tone. I just saw this set of SSR Speed Star MKII on the Internet and bought it from Japan. The effect of ET value is relatively ideal.”

Jay needs to go to work during the day, so the entire process of making the body kit by hand can only be carried out after get off work. And Jay has always insisted on doing it by himself, so every day is too tired. He really insisted by love.

“I’m very satisfied to be able to complete the entire refitting process. The workload is huge and it’s really a big challenge. But after the whole car is done, the sense of accomplishment is full.”

“The first time I made the body kit by hand, there is basically nothing dissatisfied. Some small defects in the craftsmanship, I hope to improve on the next set of body kit. The materials and paint cost a total of four thousand dollars, and the most is time cost.”

The advantage of hand-made is that it is easy to modify. Every detail can be polished according to one’s own pursuit. Of course, the premise is strong hands-on ability.

In addition to the appearance of the whole car, some changes have been made to the interior. The inner side of the door panels and the roof are hand-wrapped with leather. With the Nardi solid wood steering wheel, it is indeed a more charming old car compartment.

After the car is completed, it will probably park in the garage and rarely drive. Maybe this is the trouble of owning too many cars!

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