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Mark and Glam Your Move at Night with LED Door Projector

A night drive under a starlit sky is anybody’s fantasy. It’s the perfect time to enjoy the car drive along the city roads or even if you wish to go to outskirts away from the hustle and bustle from the mundane of the city life. If you are already staying on the outskirts then the drive to the city can be fun and frolic when you are with your friends and family. If you are on a romantic lam for the weekend then, showcasing the best of your car accessories to your beloved would be a great idea. But, have you thought which can be the best accessory to mark your presence and glam up your move?

Aoonuauto brings you a super creative auxiliary that also elevates the experience of driving in your luxurious and branded four-wheel beauty. Owning a BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Nissan, Porsche, Volkswagen, etc you name it and you got the most glamorous LED door logo projector prompt and tailored for you. Having this accessory upgraded in your car will add the incumbent glam quotient to your night drive.


Let’s reflect on how it can further ensure a beautiful, safe and glinting move at night:

High-end Quality

This accessory by Aoonuauto has been handpicked from the selected sellers, which don’t just look high-end but deliver bet performance too. The car door projector lights are super bright having Philips LED and 12V ensuring an agleam luminosity when lit and have a great effect on the ground when the car door opens.

So, if you are thinking to get down from the car to enjoy a summer cooler under the sky then, exit in style. The projector will project the brand of the car in a gorgeous contemplation of the logo on the floor, right under your feet.

Safe Entry And Exit During Nights

Safety shall be one’s biggest concern in the present day scenario. In order to avoid unexpected accidents why not signal the approaching cars/trucks at night that you have the car door opened. The parking lights do indicate that a car is parked but who is going to signal them about a car door?

Also, this wonderfully lit LED Door Projector will guide you swiftly through the puddles and accumulated muck at night time thus preventing you from accidentally stepping onto it while getting in or down the car where there is no visibility. After all, you won’t wish to spoil the night ahead.

Atmosphere Friendly

If you plan to go for a long drive on a drizzling night which is ideal for a romantic getaway, then you don’t have to worry about fusing the car door logo projector because of water spilling or rusting because it is made of ABS and aluminum alloy which is totally waterproof, strong and can withstand all weather conditions.

When a car accessory has so many benefits apart from just enhancing the appearance of the automotive, then it should be your next wise investment. Moreover, this logo light is so economic and doesn’t require much from your fortune. Why not upgrade your ultra-modern cars with these glamorous ancillaries to make the most of your night drives and leave a unique mark behind.

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