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Make Your Car Standout with these Lavish Exterior & Interior Car Accessories

After buying a car, what we only concentrate upon is driving it, taking long trips via road to test the engine’s capabilities, to diagnose the machine’s strengths and weaknesses. However, we forget to provide it some ‘add on’ so that the car does not lose its charm and beauty in the long run but also should look young and chic at all times.

Moreover, how cool would it be to keep your vehicles upgraded and completely geared up as you leave for your, much-awaited trip?

Let’s find out the accessories that you can purchase and get installed in your vehicles from Aoonuauto that will add a bunch of unique benefits and great looks.

LED foot mats for that extra glamorous ambiance inside the car

There are two types of LED foot mats that you can choose from, one is Acrylic LED foot mats and the other is made of stainless steel. Both are made of flexible Japanese acrylic material which is anti-scratch and anti-corrosion in nature.

So, you mustn’t worry if your shoes are all muddy or wet because of the rain outside, all you would need is a clean cloth to clean these mats later. They are so Hyun-cool in their effect that they render a perfect atmosphere inside.

Car Logo coaster for that royal drink

You won’t have to wait now to get home and grab your cup of hot coffee when you can have it piping hot on the way home. These cup holders look gorgeous, form a non-slippery ground for keeping your cuppa on it and are spill-proof.

The LED car logo coaster can be customized for your car brand and will adapt to your car’s dash area so organically. You can simply charge it with the help of a USB and use it as you like.

 A third brake light for that perfect safety

Why not be more sure and assertive when you can? Yes, no need to wonder why to own this innovative set of car brake lights when your car already comes with one? Well, the difference is- added safety, which doesn’t come with the default lights.

Their brightness and intensity are much more when they light up in red at the top back of your car. As soon as the breaks are pulled, it lights up immediately to caution the approaching vehicles, as a signal to ease down instantly. The positioning is such, that it is noticeable which helps to take a quick action in comparison to taking that on simple brake lights.

A tailgate light bar is a colorful idea to paint the town million color

So, you just don’t paint the town red with this ultimate ancillary that will make your drive so smooth and much safer than ever before. This tailgate light bar will just stick on the trunk edge of your car and makes you good to go.

The installation is simple and can be done by following the instruction booklet which makes this task a complete DIY. You won’t have to think twice to spend about fifteen minutes on a Sunday when this colorful surprise awaits you.

Aoonuauto has made sure that all these accessories are free from causing any radiations in the atmosphere, neither being so sharp to cause pain in the eyes of the onlookers. These interior and exterior accessories are so elegant; come in scintillating colors and will render you a much-customized experience.

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