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Make a grand entry with LED Door Sill Lights

Unless your car door sill is muddy or dusty to the brink, how often do you pay attention to this otherwise trivial section of the car? As run of the mill as the door sills look, these take crucial part in keeping the door frames safe from the daily wear and tear due to opening and shutting the doors on the go, often carelessly and with a bang. Making the nondescript sill a eye-catching feature of your car interior and adding lights that can highlight the logo, text or image on the plate become possible with Aoonu Auto LED door sill plates. No matter you do not get a red carpet spread ahead while entering the car, the LED sills will make sure that you feel welcomed with a lightened up mood.

Mirror Finish, Sturdy Build-up

The LED door lights have crystal clear luminescence, thanks to the surface of the door pedal being smooth and glossy like mirror. The Japanese acrylic offers a reflective finish while being IP67-rated waterproof, thereby, even though you enter with water trickling down your boots or open the door when it is raining cats and dogs, the lights will not be affected. Besides, the transparent acrylic has high temperature resistance to withstand scorching heat and is fireproof.

Pointy and sharp-edges heels often leave scratches on the unprotected door sills and even the rubber coverings are worn out after a few months. That will not be the case when you add Aoonu Auto LED plates on the sills because these durable accessories are dustproof, scratchproof enough to withstand wear and tears. Therefore, the overall look is never compromised and you can always have a new-like look.

Stylish Color With Effects On Opening Doors

The lights will turn on automatically on opening the door and turns off on closing it. By default you will get flashing effect for the LED door sill lights in six single-color versions namely rose red, red, green, yellow, blue and white. However, Aoonu Auto lets you choose the lights to stay lit even after opening the doors and you will have to mention “stay on” as a note on ordering. If single colors get monotonous for you, choose multicolor mode for a vibrant entrance vibe with auto-changing effect including seven colors.

So, as you open the door to enter, the lights will turn on and display all the light modes in 2 cycles and turn off automatically as you close the close on getting inside. If you choose single solid color, the lights glow for about a minute and about three minutes for multicolor, thereby letting you enjoy the lighting effects for some time. For longer sills, the lights glow for more time than that in smaller sized sills.

Endless Customization Or Choose The Brand

According to the name of the vehicle under a certain company name, for example, Alfa Romeo, Toyota etc, you can choose the line and logo style so that when the light glows, the brand name and logo is flashed alongside. These car interior accessories can even be customized if you want different text, words, logo, symbol, pattern and images that reflect your personality, workplace or ideology.

Lastly, if you are wondering about a tricky installation process to make your entrance enjoyable, there is nothing to worry as the 3M tape on the back of the plate is there so that you can paste the plate where you want, just like a sticker. Add the magnet beneath the door aiming at the control point and keep the batteries handy for the AA battery box.

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