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Light up the off-road racing with LED Whip lights

This particular range of accessories is a shout-out to all the off-road travelers and in more poetic terms, the LED Whip lights are for the ones who like to take the road less traveled. The convenient and efficient form of lighting as whip light will help your car whip smoothly in the terrains as you travel shedding all apprehensions related to accidents and narrow escapes. The strong poles of whip lights do the job for your cars and trucks while you focus solely on your motive of driving off-road.

Let’s throw light on the major variants of LED whip lights here which can be given a try according to your requirement and needs during your travel, which can turn so exciting, interesting, and optimally safe:

Flag Pole safety for truck mining

This special collection of LED whip lights comes with the warning flags along which are solely dedicated to mining trucks. These lights ensure that safety is maintained because you become easily visible during both night and the day when you are driving in a mining area. The unique feature of the 360-degree spiral design ensures the placement of more LEDs that to covering the whole rod which gives a more reliable and clear view from afar.

The lighting color of this LED is blue which is distinct and easily identifiable; the operating voltage of this flagpole is 12 DC which doesn’t go heavy on the power of the vehicle. The tube is resilient and dynamic, being PC wrapped it’s sturdy and stable as well. The products come with a 1-year warranty (which speaks of its quality assurance too) and the pole includes a warning flag with a dustproof cap, overall too these car accessories are IP67 waterproof.

Multi-color LED antenna Whip lights

  • The flag poles are glide smooth and can be fixed at the position you wish to hold them on. The most stunning part of these flagpoles is that they can be controlled very conveniently using a remote control. Also, there is a facility for downloading the application on your phone, and then with the help of that APP, you can operate this accessory.
  • So, whenever you are off into the wildest adventures you can rest assured that this strong LED accessory is made up of a splendid material that is bendable and can withstand all the whipping around the air very smoothly. The material is tried and tested to bear even stimulating impacts and can resist them with a matchless mechanism.
  • These advanced Whip light versions are made of tough aviation aluminum, which proves its rough and firm standing while driving through the clueless grounds. The abettor with which this piece comes is a standard square flag, flag hook, and a dustproof cap. There are myriad options of choosing the color combinations you like in these models with different patterns as well. With the help of the remote and the mobile applications, you can music and time to sync together as well.

The brightest LED whips are perfectly fit to be installed on trucks, UTVs, Dune Buggy. Sand Rail, Jeep, Kart, motorcycle, and other industrial equipment too. Its universal application shows that one can travel smoothly in the alien places where the territory is full of doubts, where even if you hit the branches of the trees, your vehicle remains unaffected. The lights will guard your vehicle and guide you fearlessly in the right direction, advancing in a safe ride ahead.

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