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LED Taillights: Making your on-road communication right

The new form of lighting that is ultra-chic, thin, and yet the brightest. The tailgate lights when installed render a safe drive and perfect communication on the road in so many ways.

Just like communication is important in daily life, it is equally important to have good communication around us while driving. The prime duty of every driver is to be cautious and alert at every moment to pass the appropriate signal to the fellow drivers. The instances include- timely brakes, proper right/left indicators, necessary horn(minus useless honking), and using wipers while raining gives a clearer view which saves accidents and also maintaining proper distance from every vehicle.

Well, these are some tips which one has to keep in mind, but are there any tools which can be used to enhance the communication on road? Yes, these instruments come in the form of accessories, for example, a tailgate brake light that makes the on-road conference strong and clear with its outstanding features.

Let’s have a list of its characteristics that makes it a worthy accessory:

Tailgate lights- a revolution of the LEDs

  • LEDs have been gaining a special place in the automobile industry and have been taking over grilles, bumpers, mirrors, running boards, etc. This auxiliary by AoonuAuto is highly productive once installed and has a special positioning, unlike the normal default brake lights. This feature is what makes them so different than the normal lights.
  • The positioning of these lights is done in such a way that it catches the constant attention of the vehicle behind you. The lights indicate a certain action on every color change. AoonuAuto has come up with a million color tailgate light bar and for the trucks, there is a single color red tailgate light bar.

Various modes and function of these lights

  • The lights work on 12 Voltage from the battery and have clear silicone housing that makes it a robust and adaptable ancillary. When the car is in driving mode- the multi-color lights keep gleaming, while on applying brakes the color turns bright red. The indicators turn yellow, when taking right and left, and turn white in reverse mode. The double flash on both sides at the same frequency indicates the streamer mode.
  • While for the trucks, the light shines bright red all through the course of driving thus indicating the traffic around, to maintain the required distance. The auxiliary is available in 72 and 90 LEDs for trucks, and the cars have options from 48 and 60 LEDs. However, all of them have an unparalleled intensity, therefore the brightest led tailgate light bar.

Standard waterproofing and effortless installation

  • The material of the LEDs is steadfast, that it can brave extreme weather conditions like torrential rains and snow without getting fused. The IP65 standard mark of its waterproof quality makes this accessory quite reliable and durable.
  • Also, the installation procedure comes as a DIY activity which can be done effortlessly on a holiday. The instruction booklet guides you thoroughly over the easy fitting process. The LED sticks easily on the edge of the trunk with strong 3M double adhesive tape and forms a tight grip.

The result of this one-time effort and investment is overwhelming and highly fruitful in terms of safety. This is the best led tailgate light bar you will ever find, that can communicate so well while your car is on-road and will amaze you with its spontaneity, unlike the conventional brake lights.

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