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LED Tailgate lights with added power, performance and safety

Tailgate light bars by AoonuAuto are illuminating and dynamic strip lights which put a safe show on the erar of the car to wipe off all the risks related to night drive.

LEDs have been ruling the front, sides and rear side of the cars for a while now; they have been shining gloriously on the shelves and later they go unstoppable on the cars as well. These chic looking car exterior accessories are the next thing to rely upon for your night rides, as they become safer and better with the illuminating tailgate light bar. Since night drive is seen as risky especially on highways where the traffic is usually speeding and might run into accidents because of lower visibility.

LED lighting accessories by AoonuAuto have been handpicked by the premium sellers in the market that warranty safe and smooth products range. The main principle behind this is to serve their customers with the top-class and crème accessories, available in the market with the most economical prices which rather would be an investment for the lifetime.

Here, throwing some light on the features of this accessory to know how it will illumine your car, making it very noticeable and outstanding:

Cool specifications making tailgate light bar the most desirable ancillary

  • This product works on mere voltage of 12 V having a clear housing because of which it is not heavy on the original power of the engine and the housing is invisible that makes this blend in the whole texture of the car so beautifully.
  • This brightest led tailgate light bar comes in multi-color for cars while monochrome bright red color for the trucks. The light strips come in two sizes, one is 48 LEDs and the other one available is 60 LEDs, which can be bought as one wishes to own according to the measurement of the vehicle.
  • The material of the LED strip is such that it has a strong built which makes it easy to fix and once it is done, it hands on their like forever since it is stuck with 3M double adhesive tape. Also, the multi-color lighting goes on through the drive, which looks so scintillating, alerting and calming at the same time.

Safe accessory, safe driving and ultimate protection

  • Tailgate lights are different from brake lights, they are more advanced and they stay there to keep you protected from the potential threat of collision. This gleaming strip will shine on like the best Led tailgate light bar, and will continuously render a signal of your car’s remarkable presence on the road.=
  • There are different modes here, with diversity in reversing light color, streamer modes yellow light and brake light that is bright single color red, so these alterations through unique modes make it the best buy and well-deserved piece by your car.
  • The LED light strips are rough, tough and enduring, as they will brave all the weather conditions easily, the bulbs are such that would keep lighting for light years ahead, irrespective of torrential rains or snow. The quality is such that it is circuit-protection which saves it from fusing as it is IP 65 waterproof.

The lights are alerting, they are subtle yet bright, glow magnificently and do not pierce in the eyes of the onlookers or other fellow drivers on the road.

Looking through all the specifications of this accessory one can conclude that it will be terrific to install this amazing accessory in the car if one often travels at night, this is plug and play which makes it look even easier to get through the installation. Of course, this unmatchable tailgate brake light will render you a situation with added power, a confident performance and optimal safety.

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