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LED Lights For Bicycle: Reasons To Install Headlight And Tail Light LED

When one thinks of automotive accessories then the images that rule our minds are that of a car or trucks. However imagining a picture of a bike or a bicycle is a distant thought because of its comparatively lesser usage and a tight scope of experiment on its appearance. However, when Aoonuauto pondered on this scenario, it decided to come up with unique bicycle lighting headlights as well as tail lights to add a greater safety to your vehicle. After all, being such a thin-built medium of transport and fragile in its look and appeal, why not add a heap of safety to it, that cuts your vulnerability to accidents, that might not even happen because of your mistake.


There are many reasons to install Aoonuauto’s headlight and tail light LEDs in bicycles:

  • USB enables charging

This feature is great and trendy because this can charge the lights easily with the USB cable

Interface. The capacity is 2000mAh which can fruitfully last for 4 hours, while the total life

service life is 50,000 hours. The bright LED range is 300-450 feet. So, kindly plug, charge, ready and go.

  • Distinguished Light modes

It has distinguished LED specification, made of air aluminum alloy and ABS, the headlights

can be adjusted in three modes as Highlight (for darker areas), Low light (with less visibility) and Flash (suggested for crossing road, changing sides or any uncertainty).

While, the tail light has two modes of light- steady red light (switched on when the bicycle is on the go) and flashing red light (for when the brakes are being applied).

  • Brave all weathers

Through the set of bicycle LED headlight looks very tender and light weighing just 120g for a headlight and 40 g for the tail light, they are made of premium material that can brave any weather condition.

Also, it has an IP 67 waterproof certification that is another reason that you should buy this. The light set is sturdy and durable. Even if you have to cross puddles and muck the same will not harm your bicycle at all and can be removed easily.

  • Untroubled Installation

The lights are easy to install and requires no kind of meddling with the body. Therefore, no tools are needed. In the package list there is Velcro strap, install a light stand, user manual, etc which is enough to install these brightest bicycle headlights and taillights.

So need to worry at all, while riding on scenic touring, bumpy roads or routes with a higher rate of traffic. When you have equipped your automotive with these intensely sharp and bright LED lights you have paved your way to a better riding because it also helps the car drivers and truck drivers at night to

give your vehicle enough space to ride.

Hence, there are ample reasons to rely on this headlight and tail light kit by Aoonuauto. Once upgraded, rest assured that you have geared up totally with this choice of accessory for an ultimate bicycle riding experience.

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