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LED Headlights: Shine brighter and longer with minimal power

Headlights are the anchor of the cars as they head and appropriately direct the driver during the darkest hours of the day. If the headlight is running efficiently; it only means that the guidance given by those lights is just fine, and the safety is guaranteed. AoonuAuto has a premium range of headlights that provides the most eminent system of brilliance having the longest and clearest of beams on the road. The light that’s created by the LEDs in the headlights instead is very obsolete- halogen or xenon headlights that consume a high amount of power from the engine.

Let’s throw some lights on the characteristics of LED headlights bulbs and that how they are most preferred car headlights in the contemporary context:

Compact design and best quality of the material

In the framework of these headlights, only the premium quality material is used, and LED chips are made with Taiwan imported COB who is known for their profound experience in research and development. These LEDs ensure that the emitted light covers a larger area, with its high range of exposure so that the road ahead is visible.The headlights by AoonuAuto are all very compact, and because of their small size, they can be directly sealed inside the assembly. The color temperature of these lights is 6000K, and each bulb works on 30 W of power that is scintillatingly bright and yet so smooth to look at. The LED lighting throws a powerful beam of lighting on the road, which pave a safe way ahead. These headlights contain the sturdiest and promising 6063 aviation aluminum, and that determines the toughness of these lights.

 The fan cooling principal inside the headlights ensure proper Ventilation 

The luminous flux of these headlights is 9600LM and the operating voltage that they work on is 9V-36V. The point to be highlighted is the cooling fan principle which is a military-grade fan installed in the headlights, the fan is responsible to vent out all the extra heat. Therefore, no moisture is formed because of temperature change inside the headlights keeping them ‘on the go’ at all times. In every model, there is an ultra-quiet dual ball (which enables no-noise principle) in the functioning of the vortex fan. The increased ventilation system ensures that the thermal strength is also guaranteed, which makes this product highly dependable and enduring as well.

Highly-customizable headlights by AoonuAuto with intelligent technology

These lights can be customized for various car brands, especially to highlight the stunning collection of JEEP Wrangler headlights which are stylish and so magnificent to work.

The material used in the headlights is IP68 waterproof that talks of its water-resistant quality and therefore make the car fit to be driven in all extreme conditions too, whether there are torrential rains or snow outside. The intelligent temperature control systems ensure that there is an automatic adjustment of current and lamp brightness according to the environment in which the lights are working.

Therefore, choosing these as the present day lighting systems will make one invest in assets like these, which are custom headlights that fetch minimal power from the engine and still  have such illuminating bulbs and a blessing for the vehicle which performs the best once installed with them.

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