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LED Headlights: for enhanced driving dynamics

Headlights are the ‘head’ of all the lights, they help the car be safe during the night and the reason to lead through. Being equipped with safe and stylish can add the right dynamics to your way of driving. 

There can be many ways in which one prefers to drive- some like to drive at a slow pace, some like to flaunt their speedy side on empty roads, some like to listen to music, some like accessorizing, etc. Various preferences over car’s customization make the whole process so dynamic and in flux, because you don’t like to settle at one place and like exploring different ways of experimenting.

When it comes to the safety of the vehicles, all drivers would wish to invest in the best accessories which would make your car feel more equipped. Since the car headlights are the anchor of a car in the dim hours of the day, you never should compromise on the same. Therefore, let’s throw a clear beam of light on AoonuAuto’s range of headlights and explore their scintillating features:

Availability of headlights for all car models

The headlights by AoonuAuto are customized and designed keeping in mind the detailing of the body of every major car brand. You, therefore, will not be disappointed that your car model isn’t compatible with headlights at AoonuAuto. These accessories are the credible solution for all looking forward to install the premium quality custom headlights having the best shine.

Environment-friendly, gleaming and high-end accessories

  • The wattage of the bulbs is 60W/pair and has the highest luminous efficacy flux of 7600LM/pair which is terrific in this range. The high brightness bulbs come with 6000K cool white light color temperature and can go up to 200 m on the road. The beam that’s formed is perfect, without and vague distortions, thus making your vehicle head confidently.
  • The wide range voltage slab is 9V to 36V, it keeps a constant control on the current and has an anti-interference circuit design. The product comes with an automatic short-circuit protection feature which makes this an excellent accessory to explore the dynamics of your vehicle.

Advanced technology ensuring high performance

  • The headlights accumulate a lot of heat because of the continuous running of the engine, therefore it needs to be cooled down periodically for a safe running through your travel. Therefore, the LED Headlights bulbs at AoonuAuto are built with a default aluminum heat sink and 12000 RPM turbo cooling fan. The cooling principle maintains the heat-cool balance and allows your car bulbs to work for great 50,000 hours.
  • The technology has an intelligent temperature control system that stops your headlights from getting over-heated at any time. This plug and play accessory is IP68 waterproof therefore one doesn’t have to be anxious about torrential rains or snow around while traveling. The rainproof driver of the headlight, it’s strong and sturdy housing along with the fan never will fail your expectations.

Therefore it can be said that LED car accessories are always better than halogen or xenon headlights which end up getting fused and also known for frequent replacements unlike the LED System of lights. AoonuAuto always believes in making available the best and chosen products to its esteemed customers focusing to enhance their driving dynamics.

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