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LED Headlight – The Most Stylish & Elegant Way to Represent Your Car

LED headlight bulbs make for an important and significant accessory for any car. It can be a major advantage for all the travel buffs who like to drive long distances at night. This upgrade is wonderful and elegant if you wish to drive in style and packed with safety.

LEDs have come a long way in defining style and safety for any vehicle that they are fixed in. They make both, the hottest and the coolest accessories of all times as they trend on bumpers, grilles, windows, trunk, top rear, headlights, underbody, and brake light and so on. They are power-packed bulbs that enhance the looks of the vehicle’s body and bring loads of safety to them.

Aoonuauto has an array of the best LED headlight bulbs that you can stop by and purchase if you are looking forward to giving your car an update. Let’s throw light on its features and everything that sets these lights apart:

Upgrade your cars with the stylish LED headlights for crystal clear vision

  • Coming with a 30 W wattage per bulb these wonderful bulbs make for the clearest and highest visibility on the road which is quite helpful for long-distance travel.
  • Giving a high luminous efficacy of flux of 3800 LM/bulb can make the best of an LED bulb for any type of car since it has a universal application.
  • The beam angle is flexible and can be decided based on one’s requirement while driving when the light is switched on, it easily reaches up to 200 m on the road making it a prime accessory with 6000K color temperature.

The generated light is high-quality, clear and is cool for the onlookers

  • The H7 LED headlight kit comes by default with the latest CSP TX1860 LED chips having 6000 K color temperature that emits a cool white light which is 200% more bright than what a halogen headlight has to offer.
  • It functions on S6 technology that ensures the emission of light in a perfect beam pattern without any breakouts like dark spots or vague lighting.

Perfect heat dissipation that facilitates cool down of the headlights

  • These headlights come with an aluminum heat sink which has a 12000 RPM cooling fan installed inside it. This keeps the quality of the LED headlights intact and gives over 50,000 hrs. of dazzling unremitting light.

  • The new technology ensures an intelligent control chip which regulates the speed of the fan according to the heat generated inside the headlight.
  • The headlights are IP 68 certified waterproof protection which is integrated with a heat sink that acts as the much-required outlet for extra heat. The fan’s performance stays high and untouched by extreme weather conditions as well.

This chic accessory comes in varied versions and can be selected as per your choice and can be surfed for its every feature online at Aoonuauto’s website. The accessory is easy to install, as no extra wiring, capacitors or relay is required for fixtures.

It is a plug and play accessory that cuts on all the labor which usually people would undergo to get a headlight fixed. It can be surely said that LED headlight bulbs with Aoonuauto form the supreme collection of all times. It is a stylish as well as a useful upgrade which can represent your car very well.

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