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LED Foot Mats: Glam up You’re Interior with Magical LED Effect

There is a thing call red carpet and another called a lit carpet! Have you ever stepped on a red one? No?

Since we all know it is only meant for celebrated personalities to step on red carpets, Aoonuauto has got its very popular car interior accessories to make you feel no less than a celebrity as you step on this lit carpet. Whether you are heading towards for an office meeting, a family outing or driving alone, comfort should never be compromised. What if this comfort comes with a shade of glamour and shimmer?

This car interior accessory has been designed keeping in mind your car’s brand value and its luxurious appeal, and all this can be elevated by using this auxiliary. This is ultra-chic and glamorous and its various features can be seen here:

Strong Material

The mats are made up of Japanese acrylic material which is highly preferred for car accessories. This material is scratch-resistant, so even if you are traveling by toddlers who like to hop and jump while you drive you do not have to worry over tampering of your car’s beauty at all.


Even if the kids spill water/juices or any such drink on the floor then these LED car floor mats have the capacity to hold on the liquid on its surface till the time it is cleaned. Being water-resistant and anti-corrosion, it allows easy cleaning of the floor mat.

Lighting Effects Add The Glam Quotient

The mood of the car can be easily changed for good with the different colors it has. The pair of mats come with a remote control which can be used to set your mood accordingly with the color you want. Moreover, you could select monochrome modes, colors jump modes, and music sensor modes too.

So you could be on a long drive with your favorite music playing and these lights setting your mood right for the occasion. The lights are really soothing to the onlookers and add the apt amount of shimmer to your day.

Perfect Fit For Your Car

All the car lighting accessories at Aoonuauto have been handpicked by the best of suppliers and adhere to all the specifications of every car respectively. The size of the mats, the fit, and logo of the brand, all has been designed in correspondence with the correct standards. So, you get what you desire once you knock our door and our team is there with your custom-fit LED mats.

Easy Installation

You do not have to worry about the installation of these floor mats at all as you are all set for the easy upgrade here with this chic accessory. The mats come with 3M double adhesive straps on its back which makes the process so handy and easy.  The pasting is so strong that it doesn’t move or slip underneath your feet while sitting.

The LED floor mats for your car are highly economical, efficient and comfortable to use. The brands it is compatible with are Toyota, Chevrolet, Volkswagen, VOLVO, Tesla, Suzuki, etc. Its beautiful cigarette lighter interface gives it a glamorous and appealing disposition that wins all hearts.

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