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LED Foot Mats: Glam up the car interior with lighting foot mats

Often when we plan to accessorize our cars we focus more on metallic surfaces, we all think of enhancing our vehicle’s external beauty like chrome plates and sidebars, door sills, brake lights, DRL s, etc. What we tend to forget is that the interior of the car is also equally important, therefore Aoonuauto has come up with a unique collection of high quality LED foot mats that look gorgeous when lit. This car accessory has been designed in correspondence with your car’s brand value that is enough to leave a mark behind.

Let’s throw some light on its salient features that make it an outstanding ancillary:

Made of strong and sturdy material

Made of Japanese acrylic material, these mats are scratch-resistant, so even if you are traveling with toddlers who like to hop and jump, you can relax and focus on your drive as it has an extraordinary grip and texture which makes it rough and tough in nature.

These illuminated floor mats have the capacity to hold on the liquid for easy cleaning if your kids happen to spill water/juices or any such drink on the floor. Being water-resistant and anti-corrosion, it lets one effortlessly clean up the mat. Therefore it can be said that the material is reliably durable.

Super-bright yet subtle illumination that renders a luxurious environment inside

The LED system of these mats, allows you to access the remote for changing the color of the mat. That also illumines the brand logo of your car.  The light is not scorching, rather soothing and adds a Hyun-cool effect to the interior of the car.

There are many modes like jumper mode, breathe mode, monochrome shades too, which can uplift your mood to a different degree altogether. Even better if you are on a date night, you can set the warm lights on and play your favorite music under the starlit sky to just romance away the night.

This foot mat comes in customized sizes for all brands

The size of the mats, the fit, and logo of the car brand, all aspects have been considered carefully to complete the designing of this accessory.  It is absolutely in correspondence with the authentic standards and measurements of all car brands. Moreover, if you have any queries related to your car model, our team will always be there to assist you, thus proving to be the best car accessories online store.’

Easy Installation in minutes

They ensure a totally trouble-free installation in your vehicles as the mats come with 3M double adhesive straps that make the fixing process so easygoing.  The pasting is so strong that it doesn’t move or slip underneath your feet while you sit with your foot on it. Even when your feet are moving rigorously the foot mats are promising and stable in quality.

The best part of this deal is that this product is too economical, has loads of benefits and is greatly comfortable to be used in any which way one wants. The brands it is compatible with are Toyota, Chevrolet, VOLVO, Tesla, Suzuki, etc. The gorgeous colors and bright LED lighting makes this a much desired and glamorous auxiliary of all times. So, why not glam up your car instantly with these awesome LED foot mats which are waiting to reach your doorstep at the soonest.

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