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LED Door Logo Projector: Mark Your Own Presence With Your Brand

Have you ever wondered about what do you gain by using a brand? Why do you prefer owning a car from the best brand that you could get? The answer is ‘social value’. With every brand is associated with its social value, having a brand is like having an altogether different experience. Have you ever thought of branding your car your way? For example, if you own a BMW or a Skoda, you can create a customized experience for yourself and mark an illuminating presence with your car brand.

It is actually easier done than said! You may consult Aoonuauto’s team to help you choose the best


Car Door Projector Lights

Which are trendy, chic and high-quality, perfectly complimenting your four-wheel widget. These projector lights are not simple projection lights but come with your brand’s logo that has a very elegant effect on the ground once lit and the door opens.

Specially designed for your car

To light up the whole atmosphere and to accelerate the compliments coming your way, the right thing to do is to get a car door projector installed in your car. The best part is the logo is authentically crafted to render you a five-star experience. The very glimpse of the logo projection will make you feel proud of the investment that you have made in this car as well as on its accessories.

Intense Lighting

Fitted inside are Philips LEDs which throw a super-bright light on the surface with 5W, which is appealing and striking. It doesn’t interfere with vision in any way in fact paves a safer way to step. It’s intense and sharp lighting eases the view for both senior citizens and children thus cautioning them against stepping into water or puddles, so isn’t this car door projector a must-buy for you?

Durable And Sturdy

Made up of the combination of ABS and aluminum alloy, this is supreme quality merchandise that can brave all conditions, be it rains, snow, and water, etc it doesn’t get affected at all. The material is high-temperature resistant, so even being nears the underbody of the car there is no chance of tampering or fusing the LEDs.

Speaks For Its Style

Your car will speak for its style especially during the dark time. Imagine going over to a party with your friends and family and making a mark for the onlookers as soon as you open the gate of the car. Not only does it flaunts your brand but adds a lot of glitter to your own personality. Thus, thee LED logo lights are one of the automotive accessories at Aoonuauto that are a hallmark of class and presentation.

Scuffle Free Installation

When you buy this pack of car logos (having a pair in one) you do not have to worry about installing it.  You would only need a flat-head screwdriver to uninstall the original doorstep lights and plug-in these new ones with the correspondent connector. It is purely non-destructive, so no drilling or wiring is needed to finish this process.  Just one thumb rule, that the car door light logo should be facing the ground.

Why not freshen up the look of your automobile and mark your firm presence with this brand logo? It is the right time to accessorize your car that will become the talk of the town very soon.

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