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LED Door Logo Projector: Makes an outstanding appearance

The main reason behind installing car accessories is to stand unique, smart, upgraded and stylish. There is a sense of vogue that one acquires after accessorizing one’s car with the latest updates. So, one of the most modish auxiliaries available in the market today is the LED door logo projector by Aoonuauto. Though at this famous accessory online store, there are innumerable options to explore for adorning your cars with glitz and glamour, the list remains dull without a special mention about these projectors.

Here are some defining points to find out how they are those most favored accessories and what its benefits are:

  • Wonderful Specifications

Let’s roll out straight to its amazing specifications to get an in-depth knowledge of this product made of Aluminum alloy and ABS. The light of the LED is super bright yet so soothing as you look at it, the quality of the Philips LED is absolutely unparalleled. It has an output of 5W and it runs on 12 V of voltage which makes it really the high-performance product.

  • Available for all renowned brands

You name it and you’ve got it! Yes, this gorgeous LED logo projector is available for all major car brands like Honda, Chevrolet, BMW, Nissan, Mercedes, Ford, Hyundai, Jaguar, etc. So, you just need to check it’s compatibility with your car model, which can be done in minutes by surfing through the list available on the website.

  • Beautiful Appearance

Once you open the car door, you should know you are going to create a sparkling effect on the ground. This door Logo projector creates a wonderful image on the solid ground. This is not just an assertion of your dear car brand but also a reflection of the social value and pride you carry as the owner of the four-wheel beauty. The vision almost becomes the hallmark of your positioning along with the brand.

  • Doubtlessly safe and secure

Not just it wins hearts for its exceptional appearance but this LED projector door shadow light also acts as a guiding light while you step outside your car. Since the projection light is so bright and considerably bigger, it harps on the ground and guides through entry and exit. So, you rest assured that you accidentally can’t step on a puddle or a pothole.

  • Easy and swift Installation

It ensures that there is no meddling with the original circuit of the car when it is installed. You would only need a flat screwdriver to take out the previous lights (if at all) at the door. You only need to fix the new one on its place and plug it safely. One just needs to make sure that Logo should project on the ground.

It can be seen through the above-mentioned points that how these attributes of this unique and extraordinary car door logo projector can make you fetch a load of compliments for your choice, This car accessory in a way adds another dimension of style, elegance, and grace to your existing car brand.

The way it illumines the ground is spectacular and attractive. It is a scintillating and a constant reminder of the social value that you carry along with your luxurious vehicle. As a result by making an effortless and outstanding appearance among all other cars as you drive.

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