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LED Daytime running lights for cars: For more on-road visibility

On-road visibility is the most important feature for any car because it implies the safety of your vehicle and other automobiles around it, ensuring that your vehicle stands out from the rest with the most illuminating DRLs.

A DRL i.e. daytime running light is an ancillary which as its name says, primarily is meant for the day, as well as for the night. The dim atmosphere lets the color of the vehicle merge with the surroundings that confuse the other cars, which may lead to a road accident.

Understanding the evolution concept of DRL

These lights first emerged in Nordic countries like Denmark, Hungary, Finland, Sweden, and Norway where you experience dim lighting in the day. These countries grow dark early thus rendering lower visibility on the roads even during the day, leading to many road mishaps because the vehicles would camouflage with the backdrops, therefore misleading the fellow-drivers.

Gradually, the need for a solution arose to cut the rate of accidents by ensuring safe driving. Sweden became the first of the Nordic countries to have mandated fixing the competent daytime running bulb in the year 1977. Later, the same was adopted by Iceland, Denmark, and Norway, gradually taking over a unique place across the globe because of the outstanding safety feature it is idealized as.

AoonuAuto’s Daytime running light range- a brighter drive during the day and night

Precise design of the light strip

The SMD strips are semi-rigid and high powered technologies, wherein each strip you have a continuous pattern of lights with no gaps. This means that there is no void in between lights which makes for sharp lighting that emits out of the strip without giving any black holes in between.

This is almost like a laser-straight illumination-precise, head-on, sharp, and cool to look at. Therefore, these DRLs give the vehicle in question that high-end look making it stand apart from the other vehicles on road. The onlookers would surely appreciate the unique engineering of the DRLs.

DRLs- the add on safety feature of your car

You won’t regret investing in this piece of lighting since this will turn out to be an asset for your car bringing heaps of incredible safety. A general headlight directs the path ahead of you, but a brilliantly illuminating DRL paves the way for being noticed by other vehicles.

These ultra-bright LEDs are the additional lighting to your original lights, which is like a total makeover of your car. The lights are available in varied colors, myriad modes (switchover, flashing, breath modes, etc.) which can be operated using the RF remote control.

These lights have the special function of turn signal lights also, in which they give a proper indication to the other vehicles about the car’s movement. The installation of these lights is very simple, as the strip size can be cut down to the desired measurement easily. Once attached with 3M double adhesive tape the DRLs stay where they are, and they come with pins to ensure damage-free installation.

Once installed, you shall know that this daytime running lights kit is so distinguished that it notifies the pedestrians and animals crossing the road by giving the correct judgment of the car’s approaching speed. Moreover, these lights are highly favorable for all vehicles during inclement weather conditions too like snow, rains, sandstorms, hailstorms, etc.

It can be concluded that the DRLs do enhance on-road visibility and cut the rate of accidents considerably.

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