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LED Cup Coaster: Drink from the gorgeous cup ever

Imagine driving with your close friends or family in the car and sipping cold drinks on the go, but spilling it accidentally because the cup holder was not visible in the dark. Apart from staining your clothing or spilling sugary drinks inside the car, there will be a headache about the cleanup process afterwards. During the rush hours on your way back, when you are driving and sipping the coffee simultaneously, have you ever spilled it on failing to locate the cup holder? As you keep an eye on the road, placing the beverage or food package in proper place can be tough. With the LED coasters, Aoonu Auto makes sure that you never have to worry about spilled beverage and the car gets a new look.

Small Size, Greater Impact

With only 6.7cm diameter and the thickness of 0.8cm, the LED cup coaster will perfectly fit inside the existing cup holder of the car, regardless of the vehicle model. Its polished surface made of acrylic has IP67 rating that makes this light accessory waterproof and dustproof. Therefore, even if you end up spilling the drink or water droplets accumulate in the coaster from the chilled beverage, it will never stop glowing or get damaged. The light board has glue sealed protection so that the light sensor and LEDs are not harmed by external elements.

Smart Sensor, Easy Detection

The light boards come with transparent area around the frame from where the glow of the vibrant LEDs come and transparent logo area that will highlight the logo or words. You will get color toggle and on/off feature along with light sensor that helps in automatic turning on and off by long pressing the switch for five seconds. The light sensor will glow automatically as the interior goes dark.

Here comes the vibration sensor that makes sure that the lights are turned off after fifteen seconds of inactivity, thereby saving the energy. Using censored car accessories helps in placing the bottle, glass, takeaway cup and beverage cups in the dark, guided by the vibration that means your container is in the right place.

Lights, Effects And Action

Spilling issues often occur when you are driving in the dark or in busy traffic because your eyes cannot guide you to the holder that is lost in darkness. With the LEDs in cyan, blue, purple, green, yellow, white and red variants, even in dark, the coasters will lighten up and highlight the cup holder, thereby helping you to locate it easily. These seven colors can even be customized along with sixteen modes including the three lighting modes, namely gradient, colorful and breath modes. The lighting mode and color can be changed by pressing the power button.

Now, you might love to sport the name of the car brand and the logo on the light plates to match with the emblems all around the car like in steering and dashboard. However, if you want the LED lights to show the logo of a company or brand you are related to, a symbol that you believe in, a text close to your heart, an image that lightens up your mood and a pattern that goes with the overall look according to you, Aoonu Auto will not disappoint you.

The 3.7V LED coasters are operated with 2200 mAh battery that will run seamlessly for up to 15 days and then you will need to charge for two hours with USB interface from the port. Weighing only about 30 grams, you can easily carry it around to use in stable, breath and three gradient modes.

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