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 LED Accent Lights – The Ultimate Choice For Your Automobile Upgrade

LED accent lighting for cars is a great way to enhance the aura inside the car. The beautiful lighting effect is rejuvenating for the drivers and makes the interior look lavish, upbeat and glamorous.

LEDs have revolutionized the domain of accessories for cars and have become popular so much that every car accessory has manifested itself into an LED form and has been ruling the automobile industry. The use of the LED accent lighting, as the name says, is about increasing the appearance of the dash or the console area of the car making it look rejuvenating and soothing for the people sitting inside the car for a drive.

This accessory can prove to an ultimate choice for all accessory lovers and let’s prove this fact right by exploring the specifications and significance of this light ahead:

The accent lighting in a true sense

One variation under this accent light is the strip light form of LED which is also known as the Fiber Optic LED, which is available in wire length which covers the outlining form of the whole dash area.

The other variation is the atmosphere lighting 48 LED accent light kit which enhances the foot and under dash area for a very soothing look, thus beautifying the car aptly.

The soothing colors of these light strips enhance the atmosphere of the car by giving it a classy appearance and render a very soulful picture to the car.

A light for every mood

The basic fundamental behind the engineering of the beautiful lighting system is to keep the driver focused on driving by lessening the amount of stress after a tiring day. Also, at the same time o make leisure trips more relaxing and rejuvenating.

Every light is simple to access, setting up the right mood for every occasion, so shed all the anxieties if you are away on a trip with your beloved, family or friends. So you could own these at the popular car accessories online store by AoonuAuto.

Handy accent light and comfort to travel

The atmospheric car accent lighting can be controlled using the app controller which can be downloaded from Apple or Android store using the app QR code and there the varied functions of the lighting can be discovered.

To name the control functions there are many lighting modes to choose from like monochrome modes, jump mode, breath mode, and music sensor modes as well. These modes can be selected easily even by a kid as well, therefore making it a handy accessory, which does not cause any complexities while traveling.

Strong material for a longer run

The lights are made up of an LED chipset with silicone housing which makes it tough as well as flexible at the same time. The same has a cigarette lighter interface which makes this particular car accent lighting user-friendly.

The material is water-resistant, anti-collision, anti-corrosion which makes it easy for it to brave all conditions and situations with insurance of running for a long stretch of life.

Plug and play installation

There is no trouble while fixing this accessory because of its universal application; this can be pasted using a 3M double adhesive. This can be directly inserted in the cigarette lighter interface without modifying the power, which is seamless and blends well into the car.

So these outstanding features make the car look contemporary, advanced and fully upgraded with accent lighting.

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