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Interior Car Detailing- Shining up your car with quality that payoff

From cup holders to floor mats, door handle lights to aromatherapy diffusers –there is a plethora of items that were rated as the best interior car accessories 2020 by the satisfied customers of Aoonu Auto. If you think that the style quotient of your car is only limited to the headlights, turn signal and brake lights, you would be mistaken as the interior lights play a vital role in the overall look. Here are your options –

LED Accent Lights

The Atmosphere LED accent lights can be chosen according to the color suitable for your car interior and installation is easy as the material is flexible. With a remote receiver, you can adjust between as many as 16 million light tones with lighting styles like strobe mode, colorful mode, flashing mode and single color mode. Whether you choose the multicolor fiber optic accent lighting or the starry sky lights of Super, Intermediate and Premium versions, you can sync the lighting with music.

LED Floor Mat

The LED floor mats are available in customized designs, as well as in different brand-specific designs including that of Acura, Chrysalis, Dacia, Ford, Holden and so on. You can choose either for the two front seats or for both front and rear seats. The protective film on the acrylic material offers seamless luminous flux while being dirt and wear resistant and sealed with IP67 waterproof gluing. The non-destructive installation makes way for durability while the LED chips come with 2000 hours lifespan.

LED Aromatherapy Diffuser

Among the popular car interior accessories¸ you should invest on luminous aroma diffuser that features smart sensor for changing color by touching. There are fifteen light modes with intelligent induction of Constant, Breathing and Colorful Light Modes. The scents include cologne, ocean, osmanthus, rose, jasminum sambac, lavender and lemon.  Be assured of up to 15 days of power backup with Android USB charging. Install it horizontally, vertically or in rounded ways and you do not have to worry about wear and tear. Go for your customized logo or branded ones.
Air Freshener Aromatherapy Box

The air fresheners also work like aromatherapy accessories and come with logos for brands like Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Jaguar, Toyota etc or in custom designs as instructed by you. The full alloy aromatherapy box can be rotated easily at 360-degree angle for diffusing scent and the long-lasting nano-solid lock ensures zero leakage, stability, resistance from high temperature and long-lasting fragrance.

LED Door Handle Bowl Lights

No matter whether you go for branded or customized handle bowl lights, these automotive interior accessories are low energy consuming options. With strong adhesive, these are easy to install and the acrylic surface is not dazzling but elegant enough to enhance the interior look. Over 2000 hours of lifespan is guaranteed by the LED chips. You can choose red, blue, green and white tones.

LED Cup Holder Coaster

Audi, Bentley, BMW, Lincoln, McLaren and various other popular brand specific cup holders can help you locating your beverage while driving in dark. Fully sealed dustproof and IP67 waterproof coasters will not get damaged even if you spill your drink or leave them unused. The smart light sensor will not only make way for a vivid vibe inside the car but also save energy by not turning on when no cup is kept on it. The logo can be customized on the polished acrylic panel and you can customize with sixteen modes and seven colors.

As per your requirement, there are accessories of all price range and you can be assured of not leaving carbon footprint while using those.

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