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Installation Guide: How to Measure Car Door Sill Size before you buy?

There is a lot more that you should know apart from the installation part about this worthy accessory for your cars. The LED door sill can be a great auxiliary support for your vehicle if you wish to maintain your car to look new and young at all times. Nobody would like to see their vehicles wearing out too soon. This support accessory helps the car stay away from damages on the door edges while getting inside the car. Especially kids are reckless when it comes to using the doorstep, they would climb inside and it will get rugged off uncountable times.

Let’s reflect on some more points here to know how to measure the car door sill size before one buys it:

Step 1

Locate the correct place. The sill plate is exactly parallel to the seat in question, thus just the threshold basically. After you have located, it is crucial to clean up the interface.

Step 2

A tape measure can be used to calculate the dimensions across the length and the width of the threshold.

Step 3

You may contact the accessory store or the manufacturer with the dimensions and buy the original product as well.

Aoonuauto, on the other hand, deals in purely customized, illuminated car door sills for your cars and therefore, after the measurement is done, one may also approach our team for the best product that suits your car’s brand and model.

Step 4

With Aoonuauto LED door sills it is ever easy, you just have to determine negative and positive poles before fixing them up. In the installation guide also it is mentioned that red wire connects to positive and black to the negative.

Step 5

After the wiring step, it is very crucial to aptly install these custom made door sill plates in the correct position. It should be ensured that there is no uneven plugin. The surface should be flat completely.

Step 6

Press it firmly to ensure it has fit in completely. This will make the mounting swift and smooth.

In case you aren’t sure of your car type and feel troubled in taking the correct measurements, pause and shed away all worries. Aoonuauto’s team is there to help you out. You only need to get in touch with our customer care to get all the guidance about measuring the dimensions of your car door’s entry plates’ upgrade.

These beautiful and gorgeous LED lights illumine in bright, yet sober seven colors which can be changed as required. The best promise that these LED pieces make is a safe and secure entry inside the car. This extraordinary ancillary for your cars is a blessing during the dark hours or if your car has been parked at a darker corner.

This LED door sill plate is installed on all four sides of the vehicle; it will further create a Hyun-cool effect and a spectacular aura as soon as your car door opens. This will really prove to be a blessing for you if you often drive with kids and the elderly. You are quite literally, just a step away from entering into this wonderful experience, why not measure your plates’ dimensions today, yet it is simply a DIY task that can certainly render an attractive upgrade in your automotive.

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