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How Third brake lights perfect for your ride and lifestyle

Sudden braking can often cause the cars behind collide on to the rear side of your car resulting in external damage and even serious physical injury to the occupants. When you are driving in the dark, you always have to be extra cautious so that if a pedestrian or animal crosses the road suddenly, you can hit the brakes to save any unfortunate accident. Besides, if the car in front pushes the brake, to avoid front-end collision, you should also hit yours with proper indication to alert the cars behind you. As complicated as these episodes might sound, a third brake light can save you from all these hassles. Aoonu Auto has two variants of brake lights to make your journey worthwhile –

Single Mode Third Brake Light

A 90cm light bar of the single mode brake light makes way for anti-collision driving in heavy traffic, heavy snowfall, incessant rain, thick smog and fog. The visibility increases significantly for almost 99% of cars be it a Sedan or a Jeep, sports car or an SUV.

  • Made of dustproof and IP65-rated waterproof silicone shell that has flexibility, durability and wear-resistance, the light bars have in-built decoding drive to ensure stability and safety.
  • There are 171 chips on the bar and the 3M adhesive makes it easy for you to install the light without the risk of detachment.
  • The red light within the black housing ensures a universal look for the 12V strip while the LEDs ensure an environment-friendly lighting without radiation and pollution.
  • These car accessories with long service life are manufactured for non-destructive installation with the pins on both sides of the wire so that you do not have to alter or break the main power.
  • The lights in single mode glow brightly only when you push the brakes and as you release it, the lights are automatically turned off to avoid any confusion to the fellow drivers on the road.

Multi Mode Third Brake Light

For a more dynamic look on the rear side of the car, the multi mode brake lights can be a great option. The 200cm strip consisting of 144 LEDs runs at 12V DC voltage and the red lighting inside weatherproof black powder-finished silicone housing offer durability and style.

  • The daytime mode for the brake lights is activated when width lamp is turned off. As you hit the brakes, the strip flashes thrice and then glows with highly bright red luminance. The light is automatically switched off as you release brake.
  • The night mode of the third brake light bulb is activated when the width lamp is turned on. Here, the light bar shines for eight seconds at a stretch and then glow in a low-bright state. As you hit brake, the strip shines for two seconds and then shines with highly bright glow. While you are driving, the strip will continue glowing at low bright state.

Installation of both these types is easy as you have to confirm the site and clean the interface. Now, connect red wire to width lamp and black one to negative power and white wire to brake light. Fix the wiring and firmly press the strip –you are all set.

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