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How Mini USB LED Light Works and Its Uses

The car lighting accessories are useful, voguish and beautiful embellishments that you can gift your cars. It is somehow crucial to break the monotony and go a little unconventional by trying different colors of light effects in your cars to add a luxurious appeal. Installing these mini LEDs for your USB ports is one of the wisest car interior lighting ideas in the present hour.

Apart from just adding that shimmer and shine to your car’s dash area, it will also bring an abundance of practicality and safety.  It is important to throw light on how it works and it’s used:


Usable on USB interface

This accessory by Aoonuauto comes in two variants Monochrome (7 light colors) and Colorful Neon lights. This gleaming auxiliary looks charming and appealing to all the spectators. It is basically applied inside the USB port in the car to highlight its location which is otherwise problematic to find out. This is best for creating that Hyun-cool effect inside your four-wheel beauty and creates one of the fine night light illuminations.

A versatile ancillary

This works even better for the dual-port car chargers where this lends a great guiding light to you so that you can easily insert the USB cable into the correct port. This way it doesn’t interfere with the phone charging line too.

This light is so versatile that not just cars, but can also be inserted in USB ports of laptops, power banks, etc. This could be one of the most economical under $10 which can be used to facilitate that splendid effect inside your automotive.

Lovely musical show

The other variant with light control can display seven neon colors and they change according to the rhythm of the music. Just at touching the top copper in the remote control varied modes of color lighting can be shuffled through, which makes these as one of the outstanding car interior accessories.

Brings loads of safety

Mostly it happens that when we get tired of listening to a particular radio station we wish to start playing our favorite playlist on our pen drive or phone. Most of us feel it obligatory to insert the wire or the device into the USB port while driving.

Ethically and morally, this situation is full of risks; one shouldn’t digress from driving even for a few seconds that might take to find the location of the USB port. Thus, Aoonuauto took care of such practical concerns and came out with this most compact of all the LED interior car lights which have a strong purpose behind its consolidated design and utility-grade.

It works on 5V voltage and has an output power of 34 MW which creates a smooth effect while driving and enabling the driver to find out the port without distracting from the road view.

Amid all the big and noticeable accessories that you may find floating in the market, Aoonuauto has this micro product available for your car to bring the best experience for you. The premium range is a rare collection of gorgeous LED lights that strive to enhance the appeal of your automotive to multiple folds without going deeper into your pockets.

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