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How LED Lighting add the glam quotient to your car

LED lights are nowadays used in almost every sector, be it your household or workplace, streetlamps or vehicles and the reason is simple –they save energy. Pollution caused by conventional sources of lights will; only add up to the greenhouse effect and there are many bulbs that emit harmful radiation that has long-term effect on your body and the nature. Cut to LEDs, you get zero emission and your budget is not exceeded as these stylish lights consume very little amount of energy.

Aoonu Auto has been using LEDs for car interior, as well as exterior accessories so that while you carry on the responsibility towards nature, your car is never out of style. Unlike incandescent bulbs that might look too conventional, the LEDs will let you show off the vibrant side of the car lighting.

Floor Mats Are Highlighted

The LED floor mats with superior light transmittance and scratchproof acrylic surface will steal the limelight from the rubber or fabric floor mats. You do not have to throw away the existing mat, but the LED mats will add a protection to the heavy-traffic areas i.e. where you rest your feet on the mat. Just stick the adhesive on the selected area and you will be safe from accidental spilling of food and drinks, dropping heavy or sharp materials on the mat, thanks to the IP67 certified and glue-sealed polished surface.

Eight solid colors like red, orange, cyan, blue, purple, green, yellow and white are there to choose with the remote long with 3 and 7 colored jump modes, 3 colored breath modes, four music modes and 7 colored switch-over modes.

Starlit Ambience Is Created

With the accent lighting kits for the interior, you can choose to add ambient lighting to the console, leg space, roof and the overall interior. As one of the best car accessories 2021, there are single-color, dual-color and multicolored variants in general (red), intermediate (red or blue), premium (red and blue with flashing, music and breath modes) and super (seven colors with flashing, breathing, music and dynamic modes) versions. Bring stars inside the car or get solid color accent kits for a steady look.

Cup Holders Get LED Coasters

Locating the cup holder in low-light conditions guided by the vibration sensors can be the best think you would get from Aoonu Auto because spilling drinks and food while concentrating on heavy traffic is quite common. Perfectly fit into the universal sized cup holders, these waterproof and scratchproof acrylic coasters will lighten up once your hit the ignition and you can switch between light colors and effects by pressing the switch on the coaster. Seven colors can be customized for breath and stable modes ad you can also get three types of gradient modes.

Protection Meets Style With Sill Lights

While door sills in majority of cars get trampled on, scratched and torn due to the friction of the shoe soles or get muddy, greasy, dusty or wet due to weather conditions, the door sill LED plates from Aoonu Auto will come with additional protection. Being weather-resistant and attached with non-detachable adhesive, these car interior accessories will protect the existing door sill and glow in single-color mode or multicolor modes with seven colors.

Created according to the universal size of the handle bowls of different car brands, the waterproof, dustproof and scratchproof LED plates attached with adhesive will make sure your armrest, door knob, window rolling switch or crank handle get highlighted. Apart from these, you will also get LED aromatherapy diffusers and door logo projection lights that can give a unique appearance to the simple fresheners and door frames.

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