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Have a new look with Aoonuauto’s exterior accessories

There is hardly anyone who does not want his/her car stand out among the hundreds of cars on the parking lot or road. At the same time, not everyone wants to be too flashy with the car exterior lighting as that gives out a gaudy impression even for a luxury car. One of the first things that attract the eyes of the onlookers especially in the dark is the stylish headlights, taillights, fog lights, DRLs and in high-end cars, wheel lights and underbody lights. Time has come now to replace your energy-consuming lights with the LED lights from Aoonuauto such as LED tailgate lights, headlights, third brake lights and so on.

Tailgate Lights And Light Bars

Prevent rear end collisions and show-off the stylish rear side of your car to those driving behind with the tailgate light bars that can act as turn signal lights. With red glow for brake and white for reverse and red streamer for right and left turns, these light bars are available in set of 72 and 90. Both European and American version of Jeep Wranglers and other cars can get the 12V CREE taillights with PMMA lens and ABS housing of IP67 waterproof rating.

Car Door Projection Lights

Available for the common daily-use and luxury car brands like Acura, Buick, Chevrolet, BMW etc, the door projector lights in drilled install and special install variants will help you announce your car brand through a projection on the floor surface. The Angel Wings projector accent light originated from the BMW 7 series with white, red, green and blue lights can also be considered for sidewise projection.

Underbody Lights And Wheel Lights

The LED underbody lights with remote control to adjust eight monochrome modes featuring red, purple, green, yellow, orange, cyan, white and blue colors, two dual modes, two fade modes and four music modes will illuminate the undersurface of the car. The app control underbody lights can be customized with 210 color modes. For highlighting the wheels, check out the RGB rock lights in 4 and 8 pods or the double-row RGB Bluetooth control lights.

Daytime Running Lights

The signal marker and fender lights for Jeep Wrangler having 50000 hours of lifespan offer 2700 lumens of brightness under low light conditions at daytime and in inclement weathers. The daytime running light strip has amber lights for marker and turn signals while you can choose white or blue lights for headlights and taillights in single color streamer and gradient modes, colorful streamer and flashing modes and single color mode.

Fog Lights

The anti-flicker LED fog lights with 2000 lumens of brightness come with a sturdy bulb-free shockproof design to brave the rough terrains while the die-cast aluminum casing offer waterproofing. For a better look and convenience, go for the ones with halo ring in white, RGB and yellow color variants, so that the halo can give the effect of DRLs.

The single and multi-mode third brake lights can also enhance the rear look of your car, especially when the latter works in daytime and night modes to keep glowing with different intensity. Off-road vehicles can also make the best out of the night look with the whip light sets that offer 360-degree bright glow.

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