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Guide: How to Install Audi’s LED Door Sill Lights?

Installing an LED door sill is a DIY that isn’t troublesome and doesn’t consume much of your precious time. This lavish auxiliary can be installed in your Audi in a matter of minutes following the given instructions.

Installing LED door sills can be a lot exciting for you because the result will be charming and grand once they are installed. Usually, it is believed that the installation part of any accessory will give you a headache and much trouble. This thought often acts as an obstacle that stops us from getting a fashion auxiliary being installed in our vehicles.

Moreover, the time that it bites off from your day, people often feel discouraged from getting it installed. What if you get an accessory that is a DIY? If you are that adventurous type and believe that a quality accessory will come home at no price and time, you surely have read it right!

AoonuAuto’s range of illuminated car door sills for your Audi will tempt you big time because of their great beauty, charm, and utility that will make your Audi look cool and young and stay class apart.

You just need to shed away all your apprehensions while you decide to go ahead with this one because the installation of these lights won’t cost you a day:

The first step is to check

It is important to first plug them with connectors and check that the one you have purchased works fine and lights up. This will ensure that it works before you claim that it wasn’t working initially.

The second step is to identify the location

Of course, you must have bought the accessory in correspondence with your Audi’s model, yet you must identify the exact location where the LED door sill has to be installed before you finally start with the connectors and wiring process.

The area where it has to be placed shall be cleaned with a cloth to remove away all the dust that might hamper the process.

The third step is to locate the negative and positive poles

It is given in the instruction booklet also that you need to check the positive and negative poles of the car door power sill pan.

The light-up door sills will be connected as soon as the red wire connects to the positive pole and the black wire connects to the negative pole.

The fourth step is to place and paste

There is a 3M double-sided adhesive protective film on the back of the door sill pan which is strong enough to place it on the plate. You have to make sure that it goes in the right position at once because of the strength of the adhesive.

The last step is to clean up and go

You need to clean up a little mess that might have been created (settle, clean and adjust the surface). Now turn on the engine and open the car door. Here you are with your very own Audi LED door sill which lights up beautifully right there, so just step on it and enjoy the ride.

The installation is a child’s play for the people who like to DIY and even for those who cannot because AoonuAuto’s team will be there for out whenever you need it. The installation is efficient with time and effort it is almost like a plug and play scenario which you will surely enjoy as you drive.

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