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Ghost Shadow LED: Customize Your Car with your Brand Status like Never Before

The ghost shadow projection by this special HD lens is a high-end quality accessory by Aoonuauto. Getting this as an upgrade in your car can be your next best decision as this will enhance your car’s looks and brand status to multiple folds.

The ghost shadow LED is the latest and innovative way to glamorize your car’s looks. It is always better to stay stylish and class apart than to be ordinary and one of the herd. You can get your car upgraded with this newest collection of LED door logo projector by Aoonuauto which has a ghost shadow look as it gets reflected on the solid surface. This logo projector will intensify the beauty of your four wheels and would re-iterate your brand status like never before.

Let’s find out how you can re-create your car brand like never before:

The accessory with amazing looks and great utility

  • This car brand has a great utility since this can help to flash the light on the ground; therefore you know where you step.
  • This flash of light turns out to help spot a car with an open door and becomes a clear indication for maintaining space while passing by on the road.
  • The brand logo is so luminous and bright that it radiates so soft and appealing when the car door opens.
  • It looks unquestionable, crystal-sharp and genuine with a unique ghost shadow which gives a laser-like look.
  • The door projector lights use a very premium quality HD lens that welcomes the guests so vividly and sets grandeur for them while climbing inside.

This accessory consumes low power

  • They consume low power and emit almost zero energy, thus no harmful radiation.
  • This is so soft and low on energy that it is highly Eco-friendly. So, it can be said that this accessory can be part of your car’s skin without harming the environment in any way.

Not a troublesome installation

  • The installation is completely hassle-free, simply following the instructions booklet, you can install these lights in your car. This is absolutely a ‘DIY’ situation.
  • You would only need a flat-screw driver to remove the projector lights which are there before, and the new ones can be easily placed there. However, if there is any travail in installation then Aoonuauto’s team can be contacted to help you out with any such issues.

Great warranty services make this a much-demanded accessory

  • 1-month replacement and 1-year warranty policy exists with this accessory, so you can rely on this marque and give these thumbs up.
  • However, in case of human damage like accidental breakage by some negligence will not come under a replacement policy, so it is always better to first confirm the appropriate model and size of the accessory before placing an order.

Well, the glitz and glamour of this car door logo projector is the secret behind its popularity. This accessory is so cool, that it can be swanked and shall bring you numerous compliments as you go on the road for a night drive. Moreover, this accessory adds a lot of comfort for your loved ones, especially kids and elderly, because as soon as you open the car door for them, they will have this soothing and bright light reflected on the floor. This auxiliary will be that perfect entry guard light for safe climbing in and out of the car.

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