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Get New and Improved LED Tailgate Light Bar for Your Favorite Car

We always put a great amount of our hard-earned money into buying our favorite car, and not just money, but the entire idea is backed up by investing in a lot of time and research into it. So why not make your time and money worth it? Whenever a customer buys a car with a known brand he/she does it with social value and brand value attached to it. The majority of the customers would hesitate to buy a non-branded car with equal the money that he/she can pay for buying a branded one.

Well, buying a nice car will have all the default lights like brake lights and headlights installed, but to make your automotive look more appealing and charming you may consider Aoonuauto to be that one-stop-shop for buying car accessories like DRLs, headlights, tailgate light and much more. Well, talking about tailgate lights, you might be wondering that what is the need to get it installed when you already have them fixed by default.

Well, at Aoonuauto these accessories are made of such unique engineering and design that they stand apart in many ways. So let’s see how:

Light-bars come in two types and sizes

This tailgate light bar comes in two basic versions one is a million color tailgate light bar which is ideal for cars (hatchbacks, sedans, and SUVs ) whereas there is another version called Truck tailgate light bars which is of course, as the name says, best for installing in trucks. These lights are available in 48 LED and 60 LED strip size, thus can be bought according to your preferences.

Add a different tangent of appearance as you drive

As soon as you install this LED tailgate light bar your car appears more personalized, young and luxurious. The million color lights look dazzling as they gleam optimally, yet so subtly to create that different charm about it.

Works on different modes to add more safety

This amazing accessory is multi-functional. It keeps glowing in multi-color when the car is in drive mode, as soon as the brakes are applied it gets red in color. While you are reversing, it functions as a bright white light. Similarly, it has left and right turn functions too. This quality makes this light a must upgrade for your cars.

These lights are made of strong and sturdy material

The material that is installed in this is an LED chip-set combined with clear silicon housing, which makes it really flexible and sturdy at the same time. The same renders great performance because it is waterproof and bears the scorching heat as well as torrential rains, making itself the brightest LED tailgate light bar through that blurred environment.

Ensures a gliding smooth installation in minutes

Installation of this light ensures no rocket science behind itself and comes gliding smoothly when being installed. This method is not a complex one and just requires to be pasted on the edge of the trunk behind the car. Using a 3M double adhesive tape it can be easily pasted and the wires can be connected to the required points, as given in the instruction booklet. The installation requires no meddling up with the original circuit.

Therefore, it is only a matter of minutes that you get your favorite car adorned with this extremely useful and extraordinarily beautiful light bar in no time, to make it appear new and improved version of itself.

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