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Enhance Road Safety for Drivers with AoonuAuto’s Newly Launched Flexible and Cuttable DRL Lights

Daytime running lamps (DRL) are automotive lighting devices on the front of motor vehicles that automatically switch on when the engine is running. They are also called daytime running lights. DRL lights are not intended to help drivers see the road better; they help other drivers see you better.

DRLs are not designed to illuminate the road, they are often made with LED lights instead of halogen headlight bulbs. During the day, most drivers turn their headlights off. A DRL light enhances road safety by helping drivers see other vehicles quickly.

In order to enhance driving safety, AoonuAuto developed and launched the new flexible and cuttable DRL lights for drivers. The DRL lights strips are flexible and can be cut into different sizes to fit different models of car brands. “We are committed to providing high quality cool car accessories that improve the safety and car aesthetics for our customers,” said AoonuAuto CEO Jason Huang.

Thanks to the development of new LED light trips materials, it’s easy to install the DRL lights strips by pasting outside the headlight and connecting the positive (+) and negative (-) terminals correctly without having to dismantle the headlights. These light strips support IP65 waterproof grade and 12V wiring, which is enough to adapt to most severe weather such as rain and snow to ensure better driving safety. The DRL light strips can be twisted, bent or contoured to fit most headlights. The 45cm and 60cm strips come in two kinds of colors: colorful and amber color, so drivers can customize their vehicles lighting to be just the way they want it.

The premium DRL light strips are designed to provide twice the illumination as standard halogen headlights. With 50% more visibility from the LED daytime running light, there could be 50% more chance of being noticed by other drivers to keep driving much safer. Moreover, the LED DRLs are long-lasting, energy-efficient, and give off a bright white light.

It is difficult to find a DRL light suitable for most models and brands. What is exciting is that AoonuAuto has developed the flexible, foldable and cuttable daytime running lights strips, which can be cut and adapted to almost all auto brands and models. Even though the DRL strips are soft and flexible, the premium silicone material keeps the car light strips anti-breaking and lasting long.

The LED DRL light provides drivers with extra high bright light to make others clearly notice the car. As a driving car light, it is in white or ice blue when driving; as a turn signal light, it will flow yellow or amber in turn when the vehicle is turning. In rainy, snowy, sandstorms, smog whether, opening daytime running lights in bad weather can reduce accidents efficiently. AoonuAuto’s car DRL lights also support RF remote control mode to change car lighting in red, yellow, green, blue, pink & white different colors. It’s a great way to add a stunning custom look to headlights. The white and blue light bars make car headlights look simple and advanced! The colorful LED car light strips makes headlights more personalized & stylish, and drivers can remotely control the color of the light at will making vehicle stand out from the crowd.

It’s becoming more and more essential for drivers to upgrade the headlights bulbs with DRL lights ensuring more safety on the road. Turn the car into a headlight with LED daytime running lights, changing the way driving in the daytime and at night with more safety & aesthetics.

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