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Electrify the look of your ride with LED Third brake lights

If you are a new car owner, you will have more or less, a general idea about headlights, taillights and stop lamps. Additionally, there is the center brake lamp or third brake lamp that is known with various names like safety brake lamp, Cyclops brake light, eye-level or high-level brake lamp and Center High Mount Stop Lamp (CHMSL). So, what is the third brake light and its usefulness? Well, stop lamps were made mandatory after the Geneva (1949) and Vienna (1968) conventions while the pair of brake lights on the rear side of the car was common since 1986.

Aoonu Auto offers you the single mode and multi mode brake lights that are to be installed higher than the corner stop lights so that the brake lights become properly visible to drivers on the road. You can also go for the center brake lights to put up on centerpiece of your car. What is better, these LED lights are pollution and radiation free with long lifespan. While being eco-friendly, these are also easy to install by using the double-sided 3M adhesives and pins attached to wire endings for non-destructive installation.

Know About Single Mode Third Brake Light

Available in red color, the LED strip of 12 V DC voltage is housed in silicone casing and it has IP65 waterproofing to work seamlessly in rain and shine simultaneously. These car accessories work in single mode i.e. when you push the brake, the strip with 171 pieces of LEDs will offer a highly luminous red glow and once you release the brake, the light is turned off immediately.

While installing this light, make sure the surface and interface are clean. Connect the red wire to the brake light (positive) and the black wire to the width lamp (negative). Make sure that the wiring is done properly and the light fits firmly.

Know About Multi Mode Third Brake Light

The 12V multi mode brake light strip contains 144 LED lights of highly bright red glow in black housing and has the same IP65 certified waterproof silicone casing to brave any weather conditions.

  • Daytime Mode –These lights work effectively when the width lamp is turned off. It indicates by flashing thrice when you hit the brakes and will turn into bright red glow after that. Lights turn off on releasing the brakes.
  • Night Mode –This mode works when the width lamp is turned on. It indicates by glowing for eight seconds and keeping a low bright red glow after that. When you hit the brakes, the light strip shines for two seconds, followed by glowing with highly bright red light. The strip will maintain a low bright red glow when you are driving.

While installing this multi mode third brake light bulb, keep the interface and surface in proper condition. Connect the red wire with width lamp, the black wire with negative power and the white wire to the brake light. Once the wiring is done, press the strip properly to make sure it fits on your car.

These third brake lights from Aoono Auto not only look stylish on your car but also work as an upgrade to your braking system. When you hit the brakes or release them, the bright red display will catch the attention of the onlookers and cars behind yours. Those who drive at night or in rough weather with low visibility, the third brake lamps will ensure driving safety by making others on the rear end aware and preventing any collision.

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