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Easy ways to Remove Moisture or Water from Your Headlight

There are some DIY ways to keep your car headlights well in-place and get rid of all the moisture that is stuck inside them. Also, AoonuAuto gives you a permanent solution of fighting the moisture woes by installing their smart-ventilation headlights. Let’s explore the article further to know everything about moisture cleaning.

Headlights are the guiding force of all vehicles, they are the life saviors and make driving possible during the evening and night trips. In Nordic countries and those with fluctuating weather conditions, headlights are almost switched on at all times while driving in the morning or afternoon. AoonuAuto has an excellent collection of LED headlight bulbs that are very effective, competent, and render high-performance.

Let’s explore different ways in which you can clean the headlights if they have moisture within:

  1. In the case of light moisture, some compressed air can be used to get rid of moisture. Here, using a hairdryer can help, one has to be extremely careful with the seal between the lens and the housing while attempting this procedure.
  1. If the first step doesn’t help you could try undoing the screws that fix the headlights. So the next question is finally how to clean headlight lens? Well, you need to park the car at a comfortable place and the engine should be turned off. Now you need to identify the screw locations around the headlights (different for each model), you can also refer to the manual if you don’t spot any).

  1. Open the screws and place them carefully on a towel so that they don’t get lost during the process. It is often recommended to disorient the connections with battery and other wiring connections around the headlight. One should make sure that colors and connections of the wire points are marked while disjoining so that re-assembling doesn’t get troublesome.
  1. Once all the wirings are taken off, you have the pair of headlights which should now be cleaned with warm water and detergent to further remove the stains, moisture, and grime on it.
  1. Using an abrasive pad will be helpful to remove the sticky filth on it. Remember not to scratch too hard as it will damage the surface of the headlights resulting in the distorted beam. It should be a gentle process with the help of very soft cloth and tender hands. Better to pat dry and leave the headlights for some time at a shady and clean place to dry up naturally, so that the moisture is thoroughly removed.
  1. If you wish to see these bulbs turn into the best LED headlights after cleaning, it is often suggested to use a good quality glass polish to clean the lens for better results. A fine glass polish makes sure the lens remains luminous for longer and also resists the formation of moisture on it

AoonuAuto’s range of LED headlights has been picked from the best of suppliers and these headlight bulbs are made for all major brands. You only need to scroll through the website and purchase your well-crafted custom headlights for the best protection from moisture. As the headlight range by AoonuAuto works on the cooling principle, it has a specialized heat sink and a cooling fan that adjusts to the required speed concerning the heat or moisture that is collected inside the headlights. These unique headlights have an anti-interference ability and an intelligent temperature control system.

So, these wonderful ideas can act as great ways to keep your headlights clean and dry as ever.

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