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Easy Guidelines for Installing Mercedes-Benz LED Door Logo Projector

A car door logo projector is a cool idea to ornament your cars and even better when you can illuminate the car brand’s logo. Every brand is associated with social value, having a brand is like having an altogether different experience when in public that can turn many eye-balls rolling at your perfect automotive. Have you ever thought to marquee your Mercedes Benz in your own precious way? Yes, now you can create a customized experience for yourself and enjoy an illuminating presence with your shiny car brand.

You only have to consult Aoonuauto’s team to help your car accessorize with these contemporary and customized car door projector lights which are stylish, smart and high-quality, perfectly complimenting your four-wheel luxurious gizmo. These projector lights are not simple projection lights but come with your brand’s logo that throws a very foppish effect on the ground once you open the door of your Mercedes.


There are, however, some very quick and easy guidelines to install these Car door logo projectors:

Don’t worry about drilling

This process of installation doesn’t need any re-wiring or drilling into a car’s body. At Aoonuauto, Mercedes Benz door projector lights come with dedicated connectors respectively for different brands which are meant for the accessory lovers who believe in ‘DIY’.

Remove original lights

So, removing something from your Mercedes Benz could give you jitters! But ease down a bit and relax, because this installation is totally non-destructive.

It can simply be done using a very handy and simple flat head screwdriver which will not tamper with your car door or its material in any way.

This way the original doorstep lights can be removed without creating any mess or tampering.

Plug-in the new dazzling light

No science here! You simply need to connect the Mercedes LED logo projector now and you can easily make out how to fix it according to the corresponding connector. There would be no cosmetic alteration ever and you would be able to resolve this in just a matter of five minutes.

Correct Placement of logo

To ensure that the proper installation is done in one shot, make sure that the LED door logo projector is facing the ground. Make sure it fits in good order and is firmed into the mold perfectly.

Get, set, go!

Here you are done with the installation and start the car to see how it looks when dazzled on the ground. The experience would even be better if you check the results during the dark hours. It surely with its bright projection will add a smile to your face.

Not just for yourself but if you use this as a gift to your wife or kids for their Mercedes Benz this will be a unique and a cool idea.  Let them feel, how much are they loved, cared and thought for. You could give an attempt by initially ordering one pack first which contains two LED s and if you feel satisfied with the installation and the rendered results, you could of course order the second pair for your Mercedes Benz.

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