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Does your car need interior accessories add on

Add-ons or additional accessories are often considered as luxury items that you can do without and when it comes to cars, you might even think the accessories as unnecessary. Aoonu Auto is here to remove these misconceptions with the nature-friendly and energy-efficient LED light accessories such as LED cup holders, work lights and sill lights for different vehicles and a wide range of models. Here are the add-on accessories that can make your car journeys wonderful –

Door Sill Lights Can Save Your Door Frame

One of the most ignored sections of your car, the door sill is subject to scratches from the sharp heels of shoes while passengers get in or out, as well as the natural elements like mud, dirt, dust, rain etc. Cover your sills with the IP67-certified LED door sill lights made of Japanese acrylic to make sure that the sill frames are safe from any harm while showing the logo in single-color or multicolor options.

Accent Lights Can Enhance Brightness To The Interior

There is no need to settle for low-quality bulbs of conventional incandescent glow when the LED accent lights of as many as seven colors are there to cheer you up in the car. Bring the starry sky inside the car, projected on the roof and brightening up the overall interior. Use the remote to choose the color and the modes like breathing, flash, dynamic and music effects.  

LED Floor Mats Offer More Durability And Are Easy To Clean

It is tedious to remove the entire floor covering of the car and clean it. Often these coverings get torn or faded after prolonged use and wash. Adding the LED floor mat on the existing cover can solve this issue as it will keep the floor clean and cleaning the LED mat made of stainless steel is safe as it is waterproof, corrosion-proof and scratch-proof.

LED Cup Coasters Lighten Up To Guide Where To Place Container

The LED cup holders can be used as add-ons with the existing holders so that you do not have to worry about cleaning the holders after accidental spillage. While being IP67-certified waterproof and dust-proof, the ABS coasters can detect movement with vibration sensor and the light sensor will glow in the dark with different colors like green, red, white, cyan etc and in different modes with stable, breath and gradient effects.

Aromatherapy Diffuser Shows Logo While Freshening Up Air  

You might use the air-freshener bottles in the car that often evaporate quickly, but with the logoed aromatherapy diffusers of Aoonu Auto, you can choose numerous fragrances that last longer while having two fragrant sticks. Just by pressing the diffuser, you can make it glow with the sensor and highlight the logo in different color and effects.

Handle Bowl Lights Brighten Up Handles and Knobs

The LED door handle lights have auxiliary lighting feature ad have smooth thin surface that can easily be fixed in the handle bowls. The lights in different colors never glare but simply brighten up with the logo and help you in finding the locking mechanism, door handle and window rolling knobs.

People who use car daily tend to settle for in-built accessories even though they agree on the lack of brightness. Again, those who use cars less frequently might have a misconception that accessory add-ons are costly options that are not to be dwelt on. All the accessory add-ons of Aoonu Auto are affordable and can make way for convenience while traveling.  

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