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Difference Between Third Brake Light And Tailgate Light Bar

The terminology of these two car auxiliaries is such that sometimes people tend to confuse between what is a tailgate and third brake. Some even question if they both are different from each other? Well, let’s beat the disarray here and go on them explicitly.

All about what are third brake lights?

  • The third brake light is a safer option while driving on roads and especially if you take road trips often than traveling by any other mode of transport.
  • Taking a road trip would mean driving speedy vehicles on highways and even at night hours too. Therefore, it is a wise choice to get them installed if your usage is akin to the mentioned scenario here.
  • These lights are installed at the top-rear of your car on the edge of back glass. This is the prime place where this light gets installed. They can be used during the day time also, so they do not only mean to enhance glam quotient.
  • This works best in single and multi-color modes, which are super indicators for cautioning the change of speed while applying brakes. Unlike the normal tail light, this is brighter red and shines more instantly to clearly indicate till a considerable distance at the back.
  • Aoonuauto comes with amazing third brake light having a silicon housing that makes this a highly durable and chosen one out of all its car accessories online. The intelligent modes of lights are highly fruitful to use for long. 

Everything you need to know about Tailgate Light bars

  • Tailgate light bars are noticeably different from Third Brake light bars. Unlike the latter, they are even staying ‘ON’ when the brakes are not being applied. Rather adds that extra safety by lighting the rear end below along with the taillights.
  • These lights are installed at the edge of the trunk of your car and act as a wise back up in case tail light fuses or get broken. Moreover, they add to the glam quotient of the car.
  • They come in dazzling modes too where it has all provisions to indicate the approaching vehicle from behind about the brake application, signals left and right and is appreciated by all the spectators and fellow drivers on road because of its alerting disposition.
  • Aoonuauto brings you stunning tailgate light bars that can be the next coolest accessories for the rear part of the car. They are modern designed and bright, available in two variants 48 and 60 LED strip,  which sets your vehicle apart by paving a stylish way to roll on. Since, it is distinctly revelatory in nature and design, therefore, much better for the drivers

Both are entirely different in design and making fixtures, but somewhere serve a similar purpose. It can be said that third brake lights are more exclusive and tailgate light bars, on the other hand, are more umbrella (inclusive) when it comes to catering the car buffs being brake as well as indicative lights for turns and parking too. So, it is the time to shed off the confusion and get these lights to know more about their functionalities by upgrading them for a safer drive in the future.

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