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Customize your favorite logo design in Door Logo Projector

The inventions of cars and its gradual improvisations have made our life so easygoing and homelike that we can’t thank them enough. Have you ever purloined a moment to thank this marvelous car of yours? If you haven’t ever, then it is the time to install the gorgeous LED door logo projector which is one of the best pecuniary resources into accessorizing your car to deepen its visual aspect even more.  If you are on a fun weekend with family or friends then, showcasing the best of your car accessories to your dear ones would be a great idea.

Aoonuauto this time breaks this amazing news about customizing your car logo for you. Yes, you have a great variety to choose from whether you own a BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Nissan, Porsche, Volkswagen, etc. you name it and you got the most glamorous LED door logo projector efficient and tailored for you. Having this subsidiary sloped in your car shall surely add the necessary glam quotient to your night drives.

Effortless Installation

This car door LED lights that don’t intervene with the originality f your car and they are easy to be assembled inside.  Aoonuauto promises a non-destructive installation with no drilling and rewiring, as these LED projectors can be fixed easily with the help of the flat screwdriver.

Superior projector Light

Aoonuauto resolves to bring the best custom door projector lights that come with 12V voltage, which has a balanced wattage as 5W, it comes with Philips LED lamps that in itself is a well-received brand globally.

These are superior quality projectors with the refulgent logo of your car on the foot sides. In itself rendering you a unique experience each time you open the car door, it in a way is a gentle reminder about your gorgeous car brand.

Ensuring safety

A soon as you upgrade to these wonderful car interior accessories like a projector, simultaneously you install another safety feature to your car. These customized logo projector lights can illumine the situation of doors outside on the ground that can prevent small accidents especially during the dark hours of the night.

So, if you are thinking to get down from the car to savor your hot cup of coffee, under the sky then why not hit for this accessory? This ultimate projector will project the brand of the car in a beautiful manner right under your feet and will outshine everything else.


All of us would wish to have a calming long drive on a slightly drizzling night. However, with these custom door logo projector lights, you do not have to worry about fusing the LED s because these LED logo projectors are made of sturdy ABS and aluminum alloy which is totally waterproof, muscular. and can withstand all weather conditions.

Apart from possessing these outstanding physical attributes, this accessory adds great value to your car. This escalates your social value to another value and makes you feel proud of your decision that you have taken to indulge in this brand and this particular auxiliary for your automotive. Moreover, with added customization, you are just good to go and ready to roll for a great experience ahead.

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