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Cup Coasters: How To Highlight Your Brand Every Day

Say cheers in style! Yes, it is possible with this extravagant cup holder accessory by Aoonuauto. If you are planning to have a day out at picnic with friends or family, then it is the time to mark your presence with these beautiful LED cup holders that come in customized logos for your car. Imagine how you can light up the atmosphere inside your car with merely installing these dandyish coasters to drink your coffee from. For example, if you own a BMW or Honda then Aoonuauto is here to furnish this glowing and chic accessory for your car with its exclusive and corresponding brand logo coaster.

Installing these lights would mean highlighting your car brand every day. There are some pointers now that can be reflected upon to know more about these chic cup holders:


Rendering A Modish Environment

These cup holders can be customized for various car brands like BMW, Honda, KIA, Toyota, Audi, Chevrolet, etc. This auxiliary definitely increases your car’s charm to a thousand folds when you trend it inside. Try and envisage the feel of sipping your beverage or any of your favorite drink in a royal way. The LED holders will highlight the brand name and make your every sip an extraordinary one.

Sleek And Strong Body

This accessory is thorough manifests itself in your vehicle and looks so organic. It is so stable and perfectly customized so that it adds to the authenticity of your four-wheel. This product can be easily charged with an android phone USB cable that cuts on any hassle of carrying one more wire.

These strong and sleek LED car logo cup lights cannot be overcharged as they have a smart chip that prevents the same, and in a matter of 2 hours it can fill up 220mAh battery. At one go it can work for a fortnight, thus making it a time effective accessory for your car.

Wonderful Specifications

It is made of ABS material having a light and vibration sensor in-built into its design. To break the monotony of having a drink always in the same way, the coaster color can be changed effortlessly as green, red, white, blue, yellow, etc.  It all depends on your mood if you are on a picnic, romantic drive or in a party mood.

It is highly durable and can be used with minimal care and is easy on maintenance. It is capable of bearing high temperature- so need to worry about it before placing a hot cup of coffee in it. It is also scratch-resistant and waterproof, so do not scold the kid who often drops his/her milk on it while you drop them to school.

Easy Installation

No wiring, no connecting and no fiddling with the car’s circuit. These beautiful LED cup holder lights based on plug and play fundamentally. They are easy to place and remove anytime. This is a complete solution for all your traveling needs.

It is all benefits to purchasing this accessory for your precious automotive and is a great bargain for this price. This LED cup coaster set comes in a pair and intends to highlight your car’s brand to further add to your social value and appeal.  Aoonuauto promises you that you will feel happier and more confident as soon as you bag this trendy gizmo.

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