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Car LED Headlight Bulbs -How Car Lights Can Improve Your Night Driving Experience?

The cars have changed a lot in their engineering and design through all these years. Even a small hatchback these days come in much of an improvised version than a sedan of earlier times. The overall efficiency of engine, design, performance, and lighting has increased over the years. Headlights form a very important aspect of a car, it is like an anchor that assists the vehicle into the desired and right direction. Moreover, if this anchor is good quality and advanced one, then it is sure that the driver’s security and safety parameters have been taken care of.


One can see the evolving history of car headlights- from Halogen reflector bulbs which usually consume more power and are less efficient in nature, projector lights which are currently used in most of the mid-grade cars ensuring an even spread of light to the current favorite LED headlight bulbs which give maximum output and are more durable than the rest.

Aoonuauto has selected its superior range of headlights from the best of sellers and promise the great quality of these headlights in the entire range of accessories that you could ever find.

The LED headlights with us are the best to improve your night drive experience lets’ find out how:

The ever-efficient H11 LED headlights

The voltage of these amazing headlights ranges from 9V to 236 V, this wide range voltage has constant current control and anti-interference circuit design. Each bulb has 3800 LM luminous efficacy flux that ensures greater performance during the night. This LED s creates the same effect as daylight and looks more organic in its appeal.

These lights come with 6000K color temperature and have an excellent range of 200 m on the road. Thus, elevating the level of visibility while commuting during the night hours and makes a gorgeous beam on the road too. So, H11 LED headlight bulbs should be the next ‘must’ upgrade for your four-wheel beauty that deserves better visibility and safe driving during odd hours.

H7 LED headlights

The H7 headlights are super bright and do not flicker on changing beams. They are intense and have 75% more concentration than other lights available in the market. Aoonuauto has selected this premium design because of its waterproof quality, long life, and thermal resistance.

The H7 LED headlight kit ensures a non-destructive installation in the car. If you are up for a night drive with your loved ones, rest assured these lights will render your vehicle a clearer view and a subsequent safe drive. These lights give you an unparalleled experience of driving, it doesn’t pierce into the eyes of the fellow drivers or these pedestrians crossing the road.

It can be said that the LED headlight for a car is the most comfortable, trendy and even worthy of every penny you invest in it, which is why it is getting gradual popularity too. One can find innumerable brands of car headlight bulbs but there are only unique and privileged ones who are personalized and styled by Aoonuauto’s premium collection of car headlights. So, why not make the best of this wide range by adorning your cars with a wonderfully lit upgrade and improve your night driving experience.

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