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Can Daytime Running Lights Affect Fuel consumption?

Daytime Running lights strive towards creating a safe drive while on the road. These lights though, do not help the driver to see the road ahead but do help other vehicles to identify your car on the road. The evolution of LED daytime running light strips happened in northern and exceptionally cold countries experiencing dark hours much earlier than other countries across the globe.

However, this concept began keeping in mind the trail of accidents and it was even noticed that it has helped cut down the accidents, therefore ensuring its purpose. However, many environmentalists still debate on it and have the opinion that its brightness is distracting and would rather increase accidents by overshadowing the cars without daytime running lights on the roads. 

DRL s affecting fuel consumption or not?

  • To answer the question that if DRL s affect the consumption of fuel then it can be said that its consumption depends on how this is being implemented. 
  • The DRLs that have LED systems, use about 5 watts to over 200 watts which includes the whole set of headlamps, parking, and tail lights, when on. 
  • Well, environmental regulators in Europe have been working on balancing the fuel consumption factor with the safety benefits of DRL s, to eventually shut this debate.
  • Earlier when there were headlamps based systems the fuel ingestion was shockingly more, with unnecessary carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere.
  •  Rather, a shift to LED daytime running lights for cars has ensured low power usage (from the engine), high efficacy and durable bulbs. All these parameters have together combined to balance fuel consumption to a great extent especially through the last decade.

Therefore, it becomes important to highlight the benefits of daytime running lights and how it can turn into a complete blessing for the environment:

  • They are flexible and semi-rigid SMD strips that have a continuous pattern in their design i.e. with no gaps, thus acting as a chic and high-intensity light.
  •  However at Aoonuauto though the LED pattern is tube-like which ensures optimal brightness, yet it looks quite subtle at the same time without pinching in the eye.
  • They are rather good for the environment overall because it can see through the hazy environment with torrential rains, fog or snow.
  • The light strips at Aoonuauto online store are all 12 V having a universal application and its length is enough to be cut down to the desired size.
  • Moreover, the installation comes gliding smoothly which is completely a DIY if you purchase this daytime running lights kit. The installation is destruction-less, doesn’t include rewiring of the circuit and can be done in minutes.
  • The lights are so good quality that they are durable that one doesn’t have to change it frequently. It is noticeable that high-end quality items also are healthy for the environment and have minimal emissions.

Therefore, it can be said that many environmentalists have still been debating on the benefits of DRL s and doubt it’s functioning idea; while staying optimistic with the decreased number of accidents, this idea is favored by many others. It can be concluded that switching to LED daylight lamps can be a good deal, provided it is bought from a great quality store to ensure minimal intake of fuel.

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