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Buying Guide: Explore the LED accent lights

Having the interior to your car enlightened while you zoom through the country roads or the busy metropolis can give a whole new energy to you, both as a driver and as a passenger. Generally, the cars come with in-built or default warm white lights for the dashboard or passenger seats, but why go for the conventional when Aoonu Auto can give your car interior a new statement? The LED accent lights for cars have become popular in recent years due to their energy-efficiency, customizable design and convenience to use. There are several options for you starting from the budget-friendly ones to the high-end ones. To know which one to buy, you should have a clear idea about each product.

How To Choose The Best Accent Lighting

Before choosing the interior lights, you need to understand how much you can invest on the lights and the requirement of lights. Here are your options –

  • Mini USB Ambient Light

The most compact in size and most affordable, it is available in four pieces of red, blue, green, ice-blue, white, orange and pink colors, two pieces of multicolor version and seven pieces of the combo version with seven colors. Only 2.8cm in size, the single-color variant works with USB interface and colors can be changed by touching the top copper and according to music rhythm.  

  • Single Color Star Light

According to your budget, you can choose among the four variants of star lights, where the general version comes with red LEDs in non-remote-controlled single lighting and multiple lighting flash, breathing and music modes. The remote-control intermediate star light is available with two lights –red (non-remote-controlled) and blue with music, flash and breathing mode.

The premium version red and blue ambient modern accent lighting features adjustable projection angle, spherical and magnet design with dual-color music, flash and breathing modes. Super version dynamic starry projector light is costly but offers seven lighting colors namely red, blue, green, ice-blue, yellow, white and light purple, two lighting effects namely starry sky and super nebula and four lighting modes namely flash, breathing, music and dynamic.

  • Atmosphere Accent Light Kit

You can choose DC 12V or USB 5V lights with size variants like 12.5 inches, 8.7 inches and 7.5 inches for atmosphere interior accent lighting. The 360-degree illumination with wireless infrared control over eight colors, seven-color jump mode and switch-over mode, four music sensor modes and three-color breath modes will give a cheerful vibe to the interior.

The 48 LED accent lights automotive kit is designed for cars of medium size and comes with app-control feature to customize with sixteen million colors, lighting styles like strobe, consistent, fading etc. With seven color modes for changing colors alternatively, the atmosphere starlight has breathing mode and two types of seven-color music modes.  

  • Multicolor Fiber Optic Accent Light

The multicolor fiber optic car accent lighting can be purchased in sets of four, five and six according to your requirement. It has eight single-color stable and breathing modes, two multi-colored breathing and flashing modes and four sound-sensitive music modes. These can be worth every penny for the water resistance, flexibility, anti-collision and anti-corrosion properties.

Apart from these, you can also check out the automotive door frame atmosphere light bars that add a cool look to the exterior. The angel wings projector light and million color wheel lights are also noteworthy options if you want to enhance the outer look.

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