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BMW LED Door Sill Light Feel Lavishing As You Step Into the Car

We all always give our best shot to adorn our homes with different interiors, souvenirs, show-pieces, beautiful vases, etc. Why do we do that? Of course, the motive behind is to feel good about your immediate surroundings. Similarly, it is the case with cars, owning a car is no more a luxury but a necessity. Even if it is a pure necessity there is a need to ornament it to keep up with the trend, engage with the contemporary factor and feel good about your investment. One such promise is made by Aoonuauto’s BMW car accessories to elevate the appeal of your car and make you feel like a king or queen as soon as you step into your car.


Making a mark of quality and style among other car accessories of Aoonuauto’s door sill entry guards for BMW; here are some great and striking characteristics of this product which can be seen as follows:

 High Quality LED sill

The LED door sill is made up of a Japanese acrylic material which is perfect to be used on front and rear doors of your BMW. The LED s are of 12 V voltage and have the current of less than 0.5 A that makes it a source of soothing guide entry light without flashing in the eye. The LEDs come in different colors- red, yellow, blue, green, white, rose red and colorful which can be customized according to one’s choice.

Step in Vogue

The effect that these Led lights can create is so trendy and Hyun-cool. The lights are so bright yet subtle as soon as they are lit. These lights are committed to upgrading the visual aspect of your BMW as you enter. The first appearance would be special and can melt the hearts of your loved ones.

Easy installation

To make sure that you relish the experience the most, Aoonuauto has kept the effort minimal when it comes to installing these lights in your BMW. It comes handy by just connecting positive and negative connectors at the right place and there you are. The process will not take more than 10 minutes to install.

If you believe in experimenting a bit, then the team at Aoonuauto has got some wonderful ideas to pattern them exclusively in the boot of your car to render a beautifully lit interior in your car’s rear. This is what makes BMW LED door sill a versatile accessory for your car.

Durable, Water Resistant and Safe

Be stress-free about children climbing up your car, they might just jump on it or spill some liquid too, but since this material is so strong and is certified IP 67 water-resistant it doesn’t deteriorate in its quality at all. Thus make it anti-scratching and anti-corrosion in nature. This accessory is really long-lasting in its usage.

This is even an innocuous accessory because it makes one locate the vehicle easily avoiding little accidents, especially during the dark.

Thus, this is that BMW auxiliary which gives your deluxe car a unique style statement and allows you to feel proud of choosing this beautiful automotive in which you can step being lavish and modish.

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