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Best LED Lights for Car 2021: Review & Guide

Have you considered getting lights for the relatively less conventional parts of the car? Lighting the car doors, sills and even underbody are just as important for your driving safety and comfort. Here is a detailed review of the best light accessories from Aoonu Auto –

LED Door Sills

Instead of consuming the power of the car batteries, why not get the LED light accessories that are powered by AA batteries? While many cars out there lose their style as the owners struggle with the muddy, dusty, frayed and rusty door sill frames, your door sill will have a mirror polished surface of a pedal made of Japanese acrylic that glosses all the time and glows when you open the door. Close the door when you get out or after you settle back on your seat and the light goes off automatically, thereby, saving the energy.

The RGB chips with over 2000 hours of cycle remains safe inside the fireproof, dustproof and waterproof housing that has extreme temperature resistance. Paste the 3M adhesive on the sill and place the magnet at the control point beneath the sill pedal so that it never gets off.

While buying these LED door sill lights, choose which brand the car is and the vehicle model, as well as the logo style, line style and color of the LEDs i.e. red, rose red, green, blue, yellow, white in single-color mode and auto-changing multi-color mode. Choose ‘stay on’ option if you do not want the lights to flash but glow steadily. Get the pack of 2 if you want to install in both the front doors and pack of 4 for all the doors of the car. Also, choose pattern, text, words, images as per your preference if you do not want the car logo on the sill.

LED Door Handle Bowl Lights

During those long car journeys, a subtle hue emanating from the door handle bowl will definitely enhance the interior atmosphere. The 3D curved bowl lights are designed in a universal way so that the fitting is compatible for any vehicle and car model while keeping it safe from scratches, corrosion, splashes and tears, the Japanese acrylic surface will ensure efficient transmittance of light. Without creating any electrical interference, radiation and pollution, these LED door handle lights will offer uniform lighting.

Installing these 12V light plates is easy with the adhesive, thanks to their thickness of about 0.4-0.5 cm and the pinned white and black ends connecting to positive and negative charge will not break original power.

Available in pack of two and four, it is up to you whether you want to illuminate the front and back doors together or any two of them. In case your car model is not designed with bowl light fixture, drilling holes will be necessary although the light over the holes will not damage the look. Choose from white, red, green, pink, purple, ice-blue, orange and multicolor versions. The logo style according to the vehicle and brand or your preference can be selected.

LED Underbody Lights

The LED underbody lights available in app-control and RF remote-control variants are there for you to highlight the fenders, wheels and underneath the car so that you can address the accumulation of debris, dirt, dust and other unwanted elements from damaging the look and material of the car. With closed flexible silicone tubing, these IP68-rated waterproof lights will withstand any weather.

The app-control light lets you choose from 16 million colors, 210 color modes, timer, music control modes and also customize the modes. The remote-control variant, on the other hand, lets you choose eight monochrome and four music modes with jump and fade effects.

While choosing the app-control lights, choose from (45cm x 2 + 120cm x 2), (55cm x 2 + 150cm x 2) and (45cm x 2 + 150cm x 2) size variants and for remote-control lights, there are (60cm x 2 + 90cm x 2) and (90cm x 2 + 120cm x 2) variants.

Choose lights that suit your needs and know the size requirement for your car. All these have DIY installation facility and compatibility with 99% cars on market now.

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