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Best LED Headlight Bulbs – An Affordable Option For Commuting In The Dark

After having spent a good amount of bucks while buying your car, you expect a great return too. You expect a great drive with good mileage, safe journeying and great visibility on the roads. While driving at night it gets really tricky to drive. For that, one needs to have a clear edge over others about what lies ahead. Traveling with the family, it is even a greater responsibility- to be safe at every moment of driving. It is not necessary that whatever headlights your car comes installed with, ensures safety. Therefore, Aoonuauto is ever-ready to customize your cars with efficient and affordable car accessories.

At Aoonuauto, there lies a cool range of LED bulbs for cars which are so affordable that your only have to spend a few bucks from your pocket for a rather more elegant and wonderful driving experience. These headlights are super bright, intense and so sharp that it so effectively eases the night driving.


These LED headlights come in three variants which can be used in your vehicles to transpose in the dark. Let’s throw a beam of light on their attributes:

S6 H8 / H9 / H11 LED Headlight Bulbs

This auxiliary comes in 60 W (pair) and 30 W bulbs which have high luminous efficacy flux of 7600LM/pair and 3800 LM/bulb respectively. These car headlight bulbs are great quality products which have such a wide range of voltage as 9V to 36 V as suitable for cars, trucks, SUV and RV xenon headlights.

This light come with 6000K color temperature and has a long range that reaches 200 m on the road. So, it kicks upstairs the level of visibility while commuting during the dark hours and makes a perfect beam pattern.

Mini6 H8 / H9 / H11 headlights range

This series is also a pocket-friendly upgrade for your car, which is packed with 60 W of power and as the name says it is so small and compact to install. It comes with in-built LED chip made of Taiwan imported COB. It is high temperature resistant because of its fan cooling principle. It is smartly designed with temperature regulations, monitoring with aluminum alloy drive.

LED collection of Mini7 H4 / 9003

This series of LED headlight bulbs is made of aviation aluminum and military-grade fan this has high luminous efficacy flux. These are the brightest headlight bulbs which are embedded with imported lamp beads and has light concentration increased by 75%.

These make the headlight look quite sleek and elegant in design as well as ensure super performance during the night drives. They increase EMC non-polar resistance and also possess a premium anti-interference ability.

Owning a good quality LED headlight auxiliary for your car not only adds a great sense of style to your vehicle but also brings heaps of refuge from potential threats to accidents. With this super accessory, gear up for a safe drive when you don’t have to trouble about speeding on highways and express ways while on road trips. They are so gleaming that they easily let you identify the trucks and bigger vehicles driving at such odd hours. Also, they are an expeditious and a cracking scheme to exercise anytime at Aoonuauto.

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