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Bentley and Aston Martin: Logo, Symbol, and Emblem Explained

Bentley and Aston Martin: Logo, Symbol, and Emblem Explained

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The logo, symbol, and emblem have different meanings regarding a Bentley or Aston Martin car. Bentley logo is a winged "B," while the symbol is a set of crossed Flags. The emblem is a flying lady. The logo is a simple wordmark for Aston Martin, while the symbol is a set of wings. The emblem is a flying horse.

These different elements all have different meanings and purposes. The logo is the most important and recognizable, while the symbol and emblem are important for visuals and branding. Keep reading more about the Bentley and Aston Martin logos, symbols, and emblems!


1. What do Bentley and Aston Martin's logos represent?

Bentley's logo is two wings connected by a shield, while Aston Martin's logo is a simple set of initials. But what do these logos represent?

Bentley's logo symbolizes strength and power, representing the company's ability to soar above its competitors. On the other hand, Aston Martin's logo symbolizes elegance and sophistication, representing the company's commitment to style and luxury.

So which is better? That's for drivers to decide. But one thing's for sure: Bentley and Aston Martin make some of the best cars in the world, and their logos are just another way of showing it.


2. What is the difference between a logo, symbol, and emblem?

A logo is a graphical representation of a company name, trademark, or another brand. A symbol is a visual representation of an idea, concept, or thing. An emblem is a graphical representation of a coat of arms, flag, or other symbols of national or military significance.

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3. How did Bentley and Aston Martin's logos come to be?

Drivers all know that Bentley and Aston Martin logos are two of the most luxurious and intricate logos in the automotive world. But have the drivers ever wondered how they came to be?

The process of creating Bentley's logo was a bit of a mess. The original logo was supposed to be a simple wings badge, but when Bentley's new owner Rolls-Royce took over, they decided to change it to something more elaborate. They eventually settled on the now-famous flying B logo, based on a design initially created for another company.

Aston Martin's logo was created by one of the company's co-founders. He was inspired by the symbol of one of his favorite race tracks and used that as the basis for the logo.


4. How do Bentley and Aston Martin's logos represent their respective brands?

Aston Martin's logo is an elegant and modern take on the traditional wings logo. The clean lines and simple design represent the brand's commitment to luxury and performance. Bentley's logo, on the other hand, is a more traditional take on the wings logo. It features two rampant lions supporting a flying B, representing the brand's British roots.

So which logo is better? No one can say. They both have a unique style that reflects their respective brands.


To wrap things up

As drivers can see, both Bentley and Aston Martin use very similar logos, symbols, and emblem designs. While Bentley's logo is a bit more modern, Aston Martin's is more historic. Both companies have a long history and are known for their luxury and performance automobiles. In conclusion, at AoonuAuto believe both companies are excellent choices for luxury and performance cars.


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