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Battle of the Headlights- What’s the difference between LED and Xenon light?

Different car manufacturers have their own deciding parameters on which light could be the best for the car. Well, there are some points of differences between the two.  On the basis of their operation and improvisations in the present one can decide which one will win hearts.

Every company has a different perception of the nature of car headlight bulbs and what its intensity should be. To understand this concept better, one should know the difference between xenon headlights (generally also known as High-Intensity Discharge) and LEDs (Light-emitting diode).

Let’s take them all one by one for a better understanding:

Attributes of having an HID (xenon light installed) in your cars:

  • Usually, these lights work with the gas contained in them and are generally meant for large areas like for a street light or those huge lamps in a stadium which are meant to light up a big space.
  • These lights use heavy energy and also emit high heatwaves So, when it comes to the emission, they are not Eco-friendly.
  • Also, their life depends on how many times they are switched on and not on the total number of hours they are lighting.
  • These lights usually need a warm-up period for like 5 seconds and then they gradually emit the optimal brightness they have.
  • It is seen that along with visible light they also produce light in the Infrared spectrum, which is helpful for the people residing in very cold places, as these rays help to melt down snow which otherwise blocks lights.

Properties of having an LED headlight installed in your cars

  • A great attribute of LED s is that they ensure low power consumption, therefore they generate lesser heat.
  • These days the LED headlights also come with an in-built heat sink (which is possible because of their small size) that allows all the heat to ventilate and this doesn’t harm the functional aspect.
  • Aoonuauto’s accessories are a great bargain here, especially 9005 LED headlight bulb that is compact and gives a trouble-free and non-destructive installation.

  • This LED headlight comes with an intelligent temperature control system and has the capacity to monitor it and regulate it all times.
  • The LED system of light is long-lasting as compared to xenon headlights, exceptionally luminous, has a good quality supportive lamp too and extended service life.
  • Highly adjustable beam angles make this a very popular headlight system and don’t waste even a small amount of heat or energy when it can very well be saved.
  • Unlike, the HID system of headlights, the LED s ensures short-circuit protection too. Because they are water-resistant and this scrubs-off all the possibilities of meddling with the circuit and cause damage.

Such differences between the xenon headlights and LED headlights to make it certain that LED s are more contemporary, modern, and efficient to use. LED headlight bulbs are the best choice to make when it comes to getting upgraded in your cars and thus they crack the battle by winning it.

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