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Atmosphere LED Accent lights: Spice up your car décor

Now you can add a whole new tangent of peppiness and freshness in your car as you experiment with unique colors of lighting. The restful and colorful lights by AoonuAuto are certainly a class apart, because of their unique design, ultra-blending nature, and their dynamic appeal. The LED accent lights as the name suggest emphasizing the ambience lighting by making the car cabin light up in charming hues.

Let’s find out how the gorgeous lighting systems work to highlight the beauty of your car’s interior:

Modern and Advanced specifications of the LED accent lights

  • There are two models in which these lights can be explored, the one with RF remote control, and the other is the APP run model. The lights in which the LEDs shine are colors- Red, Green, Blue, White, Yellow, Cyan, Purple, and Orange, which can alter the mood of the driver adding great respite during the drive.
  • The same is so convenient to use, both with remote (which can be easily accessed by using the remote that comes with the package). Also, the other variant comes right in your phone (the APP can be downloaded from both iOS and Android) which can be used to access different modes of lighting.

The light strips are made of the chipset and the silicon housing that makes this material blend into the texture of the car easily. The auxiliary supports a cigarette lighter interface that makes this accessory super smooth to run, thus, rendering an easy sliding into the system by anybody in the car.

Graceful and elegant looking lights for enhancing the ambiance

  • There are dazzling well-lit color modes such as 3 colors jump mode, 3 colors breath mode, 7 colors switchover mode, and 4 music sensor modes that one can experiment with. The music sensor mode can out to be the most pleasurable car accent lighting mode, especially if you are the one who likes to groove a bit while driving with a group of friends. Of course, when you are travelling with your loved ones the spirits are high, and you like to keep everybody entertained as well.
  • This lighting is especially a blessing when travelling with kids at night. These dim ambient lighting bulbs shine so beautifully and gorgeously, thus creating a peaceful effect in the car which also acts as a proper amount of lighting for the kids sitting behind in the cabin. They will sleep calmly and peacefully, in the comfort of the car and the pacifying lighting.

Easy to plug in, economical options and easy to install

  • This product by AoonuAuto can be fixed inside the car without any trouble they have a clear housing which gives quite a neat effect inside the car. The quality products by AoonuAuto make sure that the expense that their customer makes is that for the lifetime of the car.
  • The durability of the products is a matter of pride for this car accessories online store, unlike the cheap products that exist in the market. Also, the car ancillaries are much within the budget of AoonuAuto’s shoppers, thus not drilling a hole in their pockets.
  • The led accent lights for cars are available in three different light strips which can be bought according to the requirement of the car. The same can be fixed in all cars hatchbacks, luxury, SUVs, and trucks, and it sticks stably with the help of 3M double adhesive tape. The instruction booklet for the fitting comes along the package which will help you save a lot of time of yours during the installation process.

Therefore, all these remarkable features do make this accessory highly desirable, which shall surely spice up your car’s décor.

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