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AoonuAuto Unveils New Customized LED Car Emblems Helping Drivers Showcase Unique Style & Brand

AoonuAuto has gained prominence for introducing its stellar personalized car accessories designed to amplify car aesthetics and illuminate car interiors & exteriors.

While car manufacturing companies spend millions in research to develop functional designs that are equally aesthetically pleasing, they however focus on serving the market as a collective and optimizing their products to meet the needs of large demographics. As a result, most customers often have to tolerate driving around in boring vehicles that look just as basic as everyone else’s or spend thousands of dollars on expensive makeovers that might be too extreme.

Drawing from this unique understanding, AoonuAuto was established to create custom parts and accessories to allow car owners to move about in automobiles that speak volumes about their personality. The company is made up of a talented team of R&D experts that bring their decades of experience to develop ergonomic accessories customized to fit all kinds of car brands and models.

AoonuAuto has gained prominence for introducing its stellar personalized LED car lights and cool car accessories designed to amplify car aesthetics and illuminate car interiors. The vehicle accessories include car interior accessories e.g. ambient lights kit, car cup holder, LED door sill, car phone holder etc. and exterior accessories e.g. DRL (daytime running lights), tailgate lights, under-body lights etc. Since its inception, the company has been devoted to manufacturing car accessories to meet the varying needs of car owners, especially each individual customized demand for car decoration. These cool custom accessories will go a long way in providing cars with the classiness they deserve.

In Sep 2022, AoonuAuto just launched the new product line of custom LED car badges and emblems with a wide variety of colors and finishes for almost all vehicle brands and car makers. Concerned with the quality of its products, they use advanced technological equipment and the latest materials to produce top-notch LED emblems. The fashionable car emblems emit bright colored lights with the help of electricity. They are carefully designed with LED chips having diodes, heat sinks, and locking tables. These LED lights are technologically driven to provide greater results than the usual HID lights.

Lighting up custom car emblems is a great way to show a driver’s brand and personality making vehicles stand out from the crowd. Whether enthusiasts are looking for a custom car emblem or a sports car emblem, Illuminated car emblems are the ideal way to distinguish a driver’s car. Car owners can find the unique and right LED car emblems that fit their personality and style with various designs and colors. Additionally, the materials used to create their emblems are of the best quality, weatherproof, and long-lasting LED chips.

AoonuAuto’s LED car emblems are made of high-quality acrylic ( polymethy methacrylate, PMMA ), which has uniform and thorough light transmittance, so that the light of the lamp board is clear and bright. The whole light plate adopts a sealed design, so there is no need to worry about the rain and snow weather will damage the led light board. A lifetime warranty also backs them, so a driver can be sure that their lighting car emblems will always look its best.

It’s very easy for drivers to install AoonuAuto’s car maker emblems by themselves in just a few minutes. Screw installation is suitable for any vehicle with vertical bars or grid grill (horizontal bar grill not suitable). It is stuck on the front grill by two screws and a piece of acrylic plate, which does not damage the vehicle. If drivers want to install the car badge on the horizontal bar grille or other places on the body, the illuminated car maker emblems also support the 3M tape installation scheme.

Everyone knows that first impressions count. And when it comes to car appearance, drivers and car enthusiasts need cool personalized accessories and LED car lights for the decoration and upgrading. That’s where AoonuAuto custom cool car accessories come in. With their wide selection of car emblems, interior car accessories, car LED lights kits etc., customers can find the perfect ones to match their unique tastes. They’ve covered whether drivers are looking for something sporty, luxurious, or just stylish completely.

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