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Aoonuauto offers LED door sill for Audi A8

LED door sills have a great purpose to solve and at the same time addresses all the accessory queries at once with it’s glam looks. Who would not prefer stepping inside a car that has a gorgeously lit and shiny entrance than a normal one? Moreover, talking about a luxurious and precious vehicle like an Audi into which you would have put all your hoarded wealth, you know you have to keep it upgraded. Audi speaks of its class, unique extravagance and unparalleled style quotient, similarly, Aoonuauto believes in keeping exclusivity factor of all vehicles in mind and creates the most suitable accessory for your car.

It is time to invest into you Audi A8 for all good, by installing car door lights to add that tinge of glamour and safety. Let’s see how:

We can customize the design for your amazing Audi A8

  • Just scribble your kind of logo and our design team at Aoonuauto is there for you to materialize your thoughts on a gorgeous LED sill for your Audi’s entry door.
  • With this unique design, your brand value and social value will be reconfirmed in a positive and distinguished manner among the spectators.
  • Moreover, the design could be specially mended for your car model which will be unique for A8 and it will render you the most appropriate display effect.

Aoonuauto has a high Quality LED door sill collection

  • The LED door sills made up of a sturdy and reliable Japanese acrylic material which is clear to be installed at the front and rear doors of your Audi.

  • The LED s are of 12 V voltage and have the current of less than 0.5 A that makes it a source of soothing guide while making an entry and exit from your car.
  • These amazing door sills are available in- red, yellow, blue, green, white, rose red and multi-color which can be bought according to your taste.

If you believe in DIY, then installation can’t get easier than this

  • All you need to do is, just connect positive and negative connectors according to the instructions in the booklet and you are all set to roll with your uniquely tailored Audi door sill light.

  • While customizing the door sills, we can also load with some great ideas to pattern your door sills in a unique way in the boot of your car. Thus, LED door sills by Aoonuauto can be proved as the most versatile accessories which blend within the texture of your car.

Perfectly water resistant and anti-corrosion

The product is IP 67 waterproof, which means you do not have to worry about spilling water on it, so be fearless when you step on it with muddy boots during rains. Also, you don’t have worry about it’s rusting because it is a highly long-lasting material.

In general, this product by Aoonuauto has a premium collection of all auxiliaries, thus LED door sills for your very own luxurious Audi A8 shall be a great choice this festive season. It is the right time to snatch the best of the best at such minimal prices which are highly affordable and promising in quality.

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