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AoonuAuto Hot-selling Interior Light Modification-The Atmosphere Light You Have Never Seen Before!

AoonuAuto exclusively launched the door bowl handle lamp, which has won the favor of car modification enthusiasts since its launch. Why is it so popular?

1. This ambient light is exclusive to AoonuAuto, and it has not appeared in other markets!
2. It is not a simple car door handle light. It is a crystal and clear acrylic board with a customizable LOGO. This exquisite and compact acrylic board will be attached to the door bowl of the original car.
3. AoonuAuto has rich and professional experience in customized services. They tailor-made for the car, custom-made exclusive door bowl lights by hand!
4. When the door handle bowl light lit up and highlight the logo, it looks so high-end, stylish and unique.

Some cars are equipped with handle lights, or they reserve a place for the handle lights. These vehicles can be directly installed with door handle bowl trim lights without damaging the vehicle. Use 3M glue to install the LED door bowl trim plate, and connect the wires to the power supply of the handle light.

Most cars do not reserve the position of the handle light. But this does not affect the installation of a set of AoonuAuto door bowl lights. Someone who are good at repairing and modifying vehicles can easily solve this problem, and even they can use different wire connection schemes according to their own ideas.

AoonuAuto also has a long-standing specialty product LED door sill. The LED door sill is installed at the entrance of the car door. Open the car door and you can see the flowing lights. As a welcome pedal, it can definitely amaze your passengers.

AoonuAuto is a website that specializes in selling automotive lighting accessories. Here you can find all kinds of car interior lights, exterior lights and so on. There are also various upgraded headlights and bulbs. AoonuAuto will provide professional services to bring you a pleasant shopping experience. There is no need for you to repeatedly browse various websites and worry about buying poor quality products.

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