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AoonuAuto Adds Extra Layers of Safety to Cars with Tail Light and Tailgate Light Bar

It is very important that all vehicle owners check to make sure that every exterior light is working periodically. The front of the vehicle isn’t the only place where drivers need excellent visibility while driving on the road. Brake lights and tail lights are there to warn other drivers with signal of slowing down, turning and braking. As a collective unit, taillights are one of the most vital safety assemblies on the vehicle.

The term “taillights” refers to the twin lamp clusters at the rear of a road-going vehicle, which are designed to make road use safer for everyone. They can literally be life-savers, so keeping tail lights working properly is a very important part for driving safely.

In many vehicles, the brake lights and the tail lights are located on the same globe. In other words, the same external covering is over both lights. But does that mean they’re technically the same?

The main difference between tail lights and brake lights is that the former lights up as soon as the headlights are turned on, while the latter only engages upon stepping on the brake pedal. While both lights are red, brake lights tend to emit a more luminous red light. On many vehicles, the tail lights and brake lights share the same bulb. One filament inside the bulb is for the tail light and the other filament is for the brake light. There are also some vehicles that have a separate bulb for each circuit. Drivers can determine whether the brake lights and tail lights share the same bulb by having an assistant press the brake pedal and noting which bulb illuminates within the tail light assembly.

To some extend, the factory rear lights just are not enough. Considering of adding more layers of safety for vehicles, the leading car accessories manufacture, AoonuAuto, develops and provides high-quality smart LED tail light and tailgate bar light for drivers to enhance the driving safety. For a pickup truck or an SUV, a tailgate light bar is a great way to add an extra layer of safety and functionality to the vehicle. The tail light bars extend the brightness of our regular light bars to the rear of trucks, Jeeps, UTVs, and more. The RTL (Rear Tail Light) series of rear LED light bars has many uses on a vehicle. These bars can function as on-road and off-road brake lights, running lights, and turn signal lights 60-inch long fixture. Their LED tailgate light bar are easy to install, using adhesive tape on the back, so simply peel and stick the light bar onto the tailgate. A plug-and-play connector is also included, which attaches to the trailer plug.

At the same time, AoonuAuto designs the 30,000 hours long-lasting LED tail lights to improve the appearance and safety for Jeep Wrangler series. Each Wrangler tail light uses red LEDs for the running and brake lights, with white LEDs mounted below for the reverse lights. The LED tail light is weather-sealed to prevent dirt and moisture from harming the state of the art electronics found inside. Shockproof for rough roads, and waterproof with IP67 rating.

Brake lights are there to warn other drivers that the car is slowing down. If they fail, following vehicles can charge up to the rear bumper, scaring everyone in both cars or worse. Turn signals warn other drivers that the car is about to execute a maneuver that could be potentially hazardous, so they can allow room or pay extra attention in lest of accidents.

It is so important for every driver to ensure brake light and tail light working properly. To keep the vehicle in good working order, drivers should follow a regular maintenance schedule that includes checking the brake and tail lights. It’s never a waste to spend money on high-quality tail light and tailgate light bar increasing the driving safety.

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